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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry


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This year's BP Sustainability Lecturer will be Emily Weiss, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Northwestern University (USA).

Her group researches the conversion of energy from one type to another, and designs and sysnthesizes nanostructures that are new combinations of organic and inorganic components.

The first lecture, on 13 January beginning at 2:15pm, will be on the use of nanocrystals in organic synthesis and solar energy conversion.

As part of the Department's ongoing Athena SWAN engagement, following the lecture Professor Weiss will give a more personal talk on "A Career Spent at Interfaces", from 3:30 - 4:30pm.

In her second lecture, on 14 January starting at 2:15pm, Professor Weiss will describe her group's work on Dexter Energy Transfer, a double electron exchange that allows for selective sensitization of the triplet states of molecules and ions, with applications in photocatalysis, upconversion and possibly quantum information.

Registration details BP Sustainability Lecture 13 January 14:15-15:15.

Registration details BP Sustainability Lecture 14 January 14:15-15:15.