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Copying iridescent colours from the natural world - the Vignolini lab

Grad student Rox Middleton explains how the Vignolini Bio-Inspired Photonics lab studies and attempts to copy iridescent colours from the natural world.

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The Nerve Cells that Control Obesity

Audio interview with Dr Gonçalo Bernardes about his research into a network of nerve fibres that seem to control when fat cells store energy. The Naked Scientists 11 April 2017

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Flow Enabled Peptide Synthesis

A 3-minute talk by Dr Zoe E Wilson, a postdoctoral fellow in organic chemistry in the Ley Research group.

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Mimicking Nature

Vignolini group "Behind the secret life of materials"

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Artificial Photosynthesis - in Lego!

Reisner group members David Wakerley and Chris Windle have created this YouTube video with Lego to explain the group's research into artificial photosynthesis.  Enjoy!

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Shankar talks about DNA

Professor Shankar Balasubramanian talks about winning the Tetrahedron Prize in 2013 and his group's research into DNA.

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Dr Alex Archibald monitors emissions on BBC Radio 5 Live

Atmospheric scientist Dr Alex Archibald talks with Stephen Chittenden on 5 Live Drive about monitoring air pollution both indoors and outdoors in Cambridge.  Broadcast starts 1:50 into the programme.  

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My Room, Your Room with Alexandru Paraschiv

University of Cambridge Alumni Magazine article "My Room, Your Room" features (then) third-year Chemistry student Alexandru Paraschiv and Professor Sir Christopher Frayling, discussing Room 36R, Churchill.

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Six great ideas that are changing the world

Watch the new Cambridge Enterprise Heath Robinson-esque film about six great inventions that Cambridge Enterprise have helped to become commercial realities.  

One of the ideas featured is the genome sequencing invented by Professors David Klenerman and Shankar Balasubramanian in the Department of Chemistry, which has made large-scale sequencing possible quickly, routinely and at low cost.  

Image courtesy Contra film.  


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