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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry


In the Spring 2019 issue of Chem@Cam Magazine, we meet chemists of the future at our annual Open Day, and recall chemists of the past as we celebrate 150 years of the Periodic Table.

We report on our recent alumni event to 'Celebrate Women in Chemistry' and reveal the work it took to remake a classic Chemistry text book.

Highlights include:

A Wider Approach To Treating Alzheimer's: Work by researchers here that was published in the wake of two high-profile Alzheimer’s drug trial failures offers evidence for taking a wider approach to treating the disease.

Celebrating Women in Chemistry: We invited alumni back to the department for a special event discussing the progress we’ve made towards gender equality in the scientific workplace — and what still needs to be done.

Alumni 'Guess Who?' Competition: How many of these departmental faces can you recognise?

Read the latest issue online in the panel, left. Or download Chem@Cam 59 here.