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Read more at: Chem@Work Spring 2024

Chem@Work Spring 2024

Our department has been busy this year reaching new milestones. From the thrill of helping charities via baking competitions and the marathon to community reflection with a week of wellbeing activities, it's been an eventful term in the department.

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Staff members enjoying the display of cakes at the department's Macmillan coffee morning

Chem@Work Winter 2023

Mouth-watering baked goods at the Macmillan coffee morning, a departmental Great British Bakeoff challenge, a plant sale to support mental health, Green week and more, in your Winter 2023 staff newsletter!

Read more at: Chem@Work Summer 2023
James Keeler, Yusuf Hamied and Jeremy Sanders sitting on sofa in lobby

Chem@Work Summer 2023

Staff garden party, artists in the department, new resource recovery system and a baby!

Yusuf Hamied visited the newly refurbished lobby in July, and was joined by Head of Department James Keeler (left) and Jeremy Sanders (right).

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Staff members wearing silly Christmas jumpers in front of Christmas tree in lobby

Chem@Work Winter 2022

Christmas jumpers, staff parties, a wedding, wild swimming and more!

Read more at: Chem@Work SPRING 2022

Chem@Work SPRING 2022

Receptionist/Secretary Frederico Chefal in Kinky Boots, Covid latest (no more masks, plus a bonus!), Eddie and the muddy dog challenge, Tony Gill's "biker" wedding, support for Ukrainian scientists, Reception goes walkabout, postgraduate training, awards, a bumper crop of babies and more - it's your summer staff newletter!

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Chem@Work WINTER 2021

Welcome to your end of year staff newsletter for 2021. Watch our Head of Department Dr James Keeler's end of year talk, find out who's been running the half marathon or eating at Midsummer House, say a fond farewell to Milly, Marita's charming cocker spaniel, and wish Lisa Masters congratulations on her Professional Services Recognition award.

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Staff members social distancing in the Cybercafe

Chem@Work Summer 2021 We're back!

Welcome to your summer staff newsletter - with new guidance on returning to work, we're slowly returning to the Department while at the same time keeping up social distancing and other safety measures. Plus, it's been a summer of sport, close shaves and, of course, babies!

Left: Social distancing will remain for the time being in public areas like the Cybercafé.

Read more at: Chem@Home Spring 2021 Endgame

Chem@Home Spring 2021 Endgame

Welcome to your spring staff newsletter, called "Endgame" in the hope that Covid restrictions will soon be lifted, although it's clear that things will never be the same as in the "beforetime." In this issue, you can see some haircut successes and disasters, read about Sue Begg's goodbye Zoom, and find out the collective nouns for a group of professors (hint: same as for a group of flamingos).

Left: The Wellcham Team - we'll be together again soon!

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Chem@Work November 2020 Welcome Back

Goodbye to Sheila Part II, safe return of students, volunteering at the Covid Test Centre, and first annual Outstanding Supervisor Award, all in your November staff newsletter.

Read more at: Chem@Home July 2020 'The Transition'

Chem@Home July 2020 'The Transition'

The Department re-opens, Sheila retires, staff photo contest, virtual climbing challenge and entertaining ideas - all in the July staff newsletter, as we transition out of lockdown.

Read more at: Chem@Home Spring 2020 "The Lockdown Buster"

Chem@Home Spring 2020 "The Lockdown Buster"

Find out how staff are finding creative ways to cope with the Covid-19 lockdown, read about how our Department is involved in Coronavirus research, and find out if your slippers reveal your personality! All in the Spring edition of the staff newsletter, the "Lockdown Buster."

Read more at: Staff newsletter March 2020

Staff newsletter March 2020

Catch up on who's coming and going in the Department; find out why there was 'love' in the air here in February; meet the postdoc looking for lifesavers; and read about the fun ways such junior PIs are building their staff network.

Staff newsletter Summer 2019

Staff newsletter Summer 2019

Meet the young researcher with a record deal; read about how we marked Mental Health week; and find out what our first-year PhD students were celebrating in the Cybercafé at the end of June; and of course find out who's coming - and going - in the Department.