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Department of Chemistry Internal Pages


Booking events

It is important to follow the procedures for booking rooms and theatres in the department and making sure these events appear in the Department Calendar.  

Catering for events

  • All those on the list of preferred caterers have been vetted by and registered to the University of Cambridge.  
  • Each administrator has their own favoured caterer and will be willing to offer suggestions.  
  • For relatively small functions, it's fine to simply contact your caterer of choice and make the appropriate arrangements.  
  • For functions  likely to be in excess of £1000 you will need three quotations (emailed responses are acceptable).  
  • You will need to raise a purchase order.  
  • The code for outsourced catering starts CT, while the code for 'entertainment' is XE.
  • If you need ice for your event, please ask Steve Mallows ( to order it from a local supermarket on the departmental credit card. You must be present to take delivery. Alice in the Cybercafé might be able to store it for a short time, but only between 8am and 3:30pm, so only order what you require.  Ice can also be ordered from Majestic Wine with wine orders. 

 Find out more about arranging catering.  


The department follows the University of Cambridge's flexible working policy. You can find out more about how to request flexible working hours and how to complete the forms here.  Our Human Resources pages have further information on working hours, breaks, holidays and leave.  


  • Reception is on the right on the ground floor as you enter the building (from the car park end).  The reception staff are very helpful-if you have any queries or require general information, they will do all they can to assist.
  • Some administrators are trained to help at reception when they are short-staffed.
  • Please let Reception know when you are going on holiday, when you have booked catering, and when you have a guest coming.
  • You should book taxis through Reception (give an account code to charge).

Photocopying and printing

  • Reprographics is on the 2d floor next to Photography.  
  • Large print runs, special orders, posters, booklets and binding are all available.


  • Incoming post is delivered to Reception and distributed accordingly.
  • Mail for academic, academic-related and support staff is placed in pigeon-holes on the ground floor (north wing)
  • Mail for researchers and post-graduates is placed in pigeon-holes on the ground floor (south wing)
  • Give outgoing mail and mail for the University Messenger Service (UMS) to Reception, or put in the post box for pre-paid mail next to the counter (last collection 4pm M-F).
  • UMS is the University Messenger Service, which is for post within the University, including all the colleges and research areas of Addenbrooke's Hospital.
  • UMS deliveries and collections are normally made once a day at 9am Monday - Friday except bank holidays
  • Courier packages should be addressed and taken to Reception, with an account code to charge.  For next day delivery, bring to Reception by 1pm.
  • It is important to check regularly for post.
  • Read the safety guidelines for sending packages.

Security shredding

  • Reception holds white bags and tags for secure shredding of confidential material only.
  • Please return to Reception with an account code.

Staying in contact with other secretaries and administrators

  • To email all the secretaries at the same time use:
  • Reception can provide you with the list of academics' phone numbers and other key people.
  • Secretaries try to meet up in the Cybercafé for a tea break around 11 am.


  • Stationery is available from  Emma Graham's office on the first floor (Admin suite).
  • You can get reams of white A4 paper from Reprographics (2d floor, next to Photography). 
  • Stationery is not provided for research group use.
  • Bulk items and stationery for research groups can be obtained through Stores.

Useful purchasing category codes

Some useful codes that you may use frequently are:

  • Accommodation and hotels - TA
  • Air Travel - TB
  • Bouquets - XE (miscellaneous hospitality)
  • Catering (outsourced) - CT
  • Hospitality (Oak Bistro, Hotel du Vin) - XE
  • Taxi Hire - TD
  • Rail Travel - TF

See here for a full list of Purchasing Category codes.  

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