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Schedule events, seminars and meetings

The Chemistry Department operates a Family Friendly policy, which means that all meetings should take place only between the core hours of 9 am to 5 pm,  Monday to Friday. 

How to schedule events, seminars and meetings

Please use the below guide to schedule a seminar, talk or event.  Click on the relevant links for further information on how to complete each step.  Also please see the Glossary of Terms at the bottom of the page if you are unsure of the type of event you are scheduling.  

Click here to find out which events should go in the Department Calendar

1.  Check the availability of the lecture theatre, meeting room, or the Cybercafé

2.  Check BOTH the Department Calendar  and the Departmental Website to ensure there is no clash with the event you want to schedule.

3.  Reserve the date in the Department Calendar.  

4.  Book the lecture theatre or meeting room by emailing Book the Cybercafe by filling in the cybercafé online booking form.

5.  Make sure you release any dates you blocked on hold that are no longer needed. 

6.  Add the event to    

7.  Email the event title, date, time and location to Alice Wood, who will add the event to the Master Event List.  

8.  For formal RIG seminars and department-wide lectures, notify the department of the event via the chem-general mailing list.

9.  If you would like to make sure the event is displayed on the screen in the lobby, please send a request with a .pdf of the display to Mykola Karabyn at

Glossary of Terms

Informal RIG seminars:  Less formal seminars designed to promote discussion and the exchange of ideas; students are particularly encouraged to ask questions:

  • Should not conflict with other events.
  • Should always be entered on the Department Calendar.
  • Should always be entered on
  • Do not need to be in term time. 

Formal RIG seminars:  Formal seminars that all RIG members (including undergrads and graduate students) are strongly encouraged to attend.  

▪    Should not conflict with other events.
▪    Should always be entered on the Department Calendar.
▪    Should always be entered on
▪    Should always be scheduled during term time to encourage students to attend.  
▪    Each RIG should aim to schedule no more than one formal RIG seminar each week, and it should be outside of exam time. 

Agreed schedule for formal RIG seminars (includes Atmospheric and Biophysical seminars):

Atmospheric (informal)















Synthetic Chemistry



Biophysical Seminars



Department-wide lectures:  Lectures that are either Named Lectures (the Lewis Lecture, the Linnet Lecture, and the RSC lectures are all examples) or formal RIG seminars that are deemed to have an appeal across RIG groups. Ordinarily, each RIG may hold two department-wide lectures per term (typically up to 6 per year), which includes Named Lectures it has organised, and formal RIG Seminars with a department-wide appeal. All students are strongly encouraged to attend.  Department-wide lectures:

▪    Should not conflict with other events.
▪    Should always be entered on the Department Calendar.
▪    Should always be entered on
▪    Should be scheduled in term time on Mondays or Thursdays.
▪    Every effort should be made to ensure there is no more than one department-wide lecture a week.

If you have any questions about scheduling an event or adding to to, please contact Alice Wood