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Lindemann Trust Fellowship Applications Now Open

Sir Evelyn Wrench, ESU founder, courtesy ESU

Applications for Lindemann Trust Fellowships are now open to postdoctoral researchers wishing to carry out research for one year in the USA.

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New activation process forms versatile amide products

C-H bond activation process courtesy Gaunt Group

Researchers in the Gaunt group have developed a general C-H bond activation process to make amines, which can be used in pharmaceutical agents, agrochemicals and functional materials.

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New imaging technique measures toxicity of proteins associated with Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s diseases

Brain showing hallmarks of Alzheimer's disease courtesy Zeiss Microscopy

Researchers in the Department of Chemistry have developed a new imaging technique to track how surface changes in proteins are related to diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

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Gift makes microfabrication laboratory a reality

Image of Tuomas Knowles courtesy Nathan Pitt Department of Chemistry

Professor Tuomas Knowles has received a £250,000 gift from the Frances and Augustus Newman Foundation to set up and run a state-of-the-art microfabrication laboratory.

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Professor Ian Murison Smith, FRS

Image courtesy Department of Chemistry Photography

Many Department of Chemistry alumni and former staff members will remember with great affection Ian Smith, who died on Tuesday 8 November.

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Researchers reveal the structure behind colour of Margaritaria nobilis

Image of Margaritaria nobilis courtesy Silvia Vignolini

Silvia Vignolini and colleagues have discovered that the iridescent colour of the fruits of Margaritaria nobilis originates from its cellulose cell structure. 

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