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Department of Chemistry scientists showcase research in Parliament

Professor Chris Abell, courtesy Department of Chemistry

A Department of Chemistry spin-out which developed a ground-breaking method for drug discovery showcased its work last week in Parliament, as part of a national campaign celebrating the value of scientific research

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Andrew Marsden wins 1st prize in the RSC Emerging Technologies Competition 2015

Royal Society of Chemistry / MPP Image Creation

Andrew Marsden, CEO of Immaterial and 3rd year PhD student in Professor Jane Clarke’s Group in the Department of Chemistry, has won the 1st prize at the RSC Emerging Technologies Competition. 

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ERC funding for David Klenerman

David Klenerman has won ERC funding.

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Colour-shifting seaweed

Photo courtesy Silvia Vignolini

How does red algae turn blue?

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Gonçalo Bernardes wins 2nd prize of the RSC Emerging Technologies Competition

Dr Gonçalo Bernardes has won the 2nd prize for his work on Immunomodulation by CO delivered from artificial metalloproteins as a new strategy in cancer therapy.

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Daan Frenkel awarded Bakhuis Roozeboom Medal

Photo courtesy of Nathan Pitt

The Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences has awarded its 2015 Bakhuis Roozeboom Medal to Head of Department Professor Daan Frenkel, for the outstanding contribution of his creative computer simulations to the development of phase theory.  

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