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All Departmental Publications

ALMOST: An all atom molecular simulation toolkit for protein structure determination.
B Fu, AB Sahakyan, C Camilloni, GG Tartaglia, E Paci, A Caflisch, M Vendruscolo, A Cavalli – Journal of Computational Chemistry (2014)
Protein film photoelectrochemistry of the water oxidation enzyme photosystem II.
M Kato, JZ Zhang, N Paul, E Reisner – Chem Soc Rev (2014)
G-quadruplexes regulate Epstein-Barr virus-encoded nuclear antigen 1 mRNA translation.
P Murat, J Zhong, L Lekieffre, NP Cowieson, JL Clancy, T Preiss, S Balasubramanian, R Khanna, J Tellam – Nature Chemical Biology (2014)
Spectroscopic accuracy directly from quantum chemistry: Application to ground and excited states of beryllium dimer
S Sharma, T Yanai, GH Booth, CJ Umrigar, GK Chan – The Journal of chemical physics (2014) 140, 104112
The structure of lipid bilayers adsorbed on activated carboxy-terminated monolayers investigated by sum frequency generation spectroscopy.
MT Casford, A Ge, PJ Kett, S Ye, PB Davies – J Phys Chem B (2014) 118, 3335
Clusters of Coarse-Grained Water Molecules.
JD Farrell, DJ Wales – J Phys Chem A (2014)
Density-gradient-free microfluidic centrifugation for analytical and preparative separation of nanoparticles.
P Arosio, T Mueller, L Mahadevan, TP Knowles – Nano Lett (2014)
Numerical calculation of granular entropy
D Asenjo, F Paillusson, D Frenkel – Phys Rev Lett (2014) 112, 098002
Spatial propagation of protein polymerization
SI Cohen, L Rajah, CH Yoon, AK Buell, DA White, RA Sperling, M Vendruscolo, EM Terentjev, CM Dobson, DA Weitz, TP Knowles – Phys Rev Lett (2014) 112, 098101
Dynamics and Timekeeping in Biological Systems.
CM Dobson – Annu Rev Biochem (2014)
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