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Recent Publications from the Physical Research Interest Group

Online quantification of Criegee intermediates of α-pinene ozonolysis by stabilisation with spin traps and proton transfer reaction mass spectrometry detection.
C Giorio, SJ Campbell, M Bruschi, F Tampieri, A Barbon, A Toffoletti, A Tapparo, C Paijens, AJ Wedlake, P Grice, DJ Howe, M Kalberer
– Journal of the American Chemical Society
Mass Spectrometry Characterization of Peroxycarboxylic Acids as Proxies for Reactive Oxygen Species and Highly Oxygenated Molecules in Atmospheric Aerosols.
SS Steimer, I Kourtchev, M Kalberer
– Anal Chem
Corrosion and inhibition of copper in hydrocarbon solution on a molecular level investigated using neutron reflectometry and XPS
RJL Welbourn, CL Truscott, MWA Skoda, A Zarbakhsh, SM Clarke
– Corrosion Science
Measurement of the Raman spectra and hygroscopicity of four pharmaceutical aerosols as they travel from pressurised metered dose inhalers (pMDI) to a model lung
N Davidson, H-J Tong, M Kalberer, PC Seville, AD Ward, MK Kuimova, FD Pope
– Int J Pharm
A natural product inhibits the initiation of α-synuclein aggregation and suppresses its toxicity
M Perni, C Galvagnion, A Maltsev, G Meisl, MBD Müller, PK Challa, JB Kirkegaard, P Flagmeier, SIA Cohen, R Cascella, SW Chen, R Limboker, P Sormanni, GT Heller, FA Aprile, N Cremades, C Cecchi, F Chiti, EAA Nollen, TPJ Knowles, M Vendruscolo, A Bax, M Zasloff, CM Dobson
– Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Direct measurements of ionic liquid layering at a single mica-liquid interface and in nano-films between two mica-liquid interfaces.
LR Griffin, KL Browning, SM Clarke, AM Smith, S Perkin, MWA Skoda, SE Norman
– Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP
Coordinated airborne studies in the tropics (CAST)
NRP Harris, LJ Carpenter, JD Lee, G Vaughan, MT Filus, RL Jones, B Ouyang, JA Pyle, AD Robinson, SJ Andrews, AC Lewis, J Minaeian, A Vaughan, JR Dorsey, MW Gallagher, M Le Breton, R Newton, CJ Percival, HMA Ricketts, SJB Bauguitte, GJ Nott, A Wellpott, MJ Ashfold, J Flemming, R Butler, PI Palmer, PH Kaye, C Stopford, C Chemel, H Boesch, N Humpage, A Vick, AR MacKenzie, R Hyde, P Angelov, E Meneguz, AJ Manning
– Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society
Micro- and nanoscale hierarchical structure of core-shell protein microgels
LR Volpatti, U Shimanovich, FS Ruggeri, S Bolisetty, T Mueller, TO Mason, TCT Michaels, R Mezzenga, G Dietler, TPJ Knowles
Design of a Nanoscale, CMOS-Integrable, Thermal-Guiding Structure for Boolean-Logic and Neuromorphic Computation.
D Loke, JM Skelton, T-C Chong, SR Elliott
– ACS Appl Mater Interfaces
Monitoring Ca<sup>2+</sup> elevations in individual astrocytes upon local release of amyloid beta in acute brain slices
O Tyurikova, K Zheng, A Rings, A Drews, D Klenerman, DA Rusakov
– Brain Research Bulletin
pyFRET: A Python Library for Single Molecule Fluorescence Data Analysis
RR Murphy, SE Jackson, D Klenerman
– Proceedings of the 7th European Conference on Python in Science (EuroSciPy 2014)
Measurements of δ<sup>13</sup>C in CH<inf>4</inf> and using particle dispersion modeling to characterize sources of Arctic methane within an air mass
JL France, M Cain, RE Fisher, D Lowry, G Allen, SJ O'Shea, S Illingworth, J Pyle, N Warwick, BT Jones, MW Gallagher, K Bower, M Le Breton, C Percival, J Muller, A Welpott, S Bauguitte, C George, GD Hayman, AJ Manning, CL Myhre, M Lanoisellé, EG Nisbet
– Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres
Constraints on oceanic methane emissions west of Svalbard from atmospheric in situ measurements and Lagrangian transport modeling
I Pisso, CL Myhre, SM Platt, S Eckhardt, O Hermansen, N Schmidbauer, J Mienert, S Vadakkepuliyambatta, S Bauguitte, J Pitt, G Allen, KN Bower, S O'Shea, MW Gallagher, CJ Percival, J Pyle, M Cain, A Stohl
– Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres
Multilayering of Calcium Aerosol-OT at the Mica/Water Interface Studied with Neutron Reflection: Formation of a Condensed Lamellar Phase at the CMC.
LR Griffin, KL Browning, SY Lee, MWA Skoda, S Rogers, SM Clarke
– Langmuir
Kinetics of spontaneous filament nucleation via oligomers: Insights from theory and simulation
A Šarić, TCT Michaels, A Zaccone, TPJ Knowles, D Frenkel
– The Journal of Chemical Physics
Development of a baseline-temperature correction methodology for electrochemical sensors and its implications for long-term stability
OAM Popoola, GB Stewart, MI Mead, RL Jones
– Atmospheric Environment
Mass Transport in Surface Diffusion of van der Waals Bonded Systems: Boosted by Rotations?
H Hedgeland, M Sacchi, P Singh, AJ McIntosh, AP Jardine, G Alexandrowicz, DJ Ward, SJ Jenkins, W Allison, J Ellis
– Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters
Using δ<sup>13</sup>C-CH<inf>4</inf> and δD-CH<inf>4</inf> to constrain Arctic methane emissions
NJ Warwick, ML Cain, R Fisher, JL France, D Lowry, SE Michel, EG Nisbet, BH Vaughn, JWC White, JA Pyle
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Methane mole fraction and δ<sup>13</sup>C above and below the trade wind inversion at Ascension Island in air sampled by aerial robotics
R Brownlow, D Lowry, RM Thomas, RE Fisher, JL France, M Cain, TS Richardson, C Greatwood, J Freer, JA Pyle, AR MacKenzie, EG Nisbet
– Geophysical Research Letters
Dynamic viscosity mapping of the oxidation of squalene aerosol particles.
A Athanasiadis, C Fitzgerald, NM Davidson, C Giorio, SW Botchway, AD Ward, M Kalberer, FD Pope, MK Kuimova
– Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP