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Department of Chemistry Internal Pages


How to add a seminar or event to

1.  Go to the University website  You will need to log-in with your Raven password.  

2.  Enter your formal or informal seminar or other event on one of the chemistry-related lists, which are:


Other lists:


This will publish your event to the University talks website, and will be searchable for all University members who use this service.  Talks entered in the above categories are streamed automatically to the Department of Chemistry website under "Upcoming Talks." - please note that there may be a delay of a couple of hours between creating a talk on and it appearing on the Department website.

Talks that are not added to one of the above series will not appear on the Chemistry website.

3.  When adding the talk make sure you include these items in the spaces provided:  

  • The title 
  • The type of event (formal, informal or other)
  • The speaker's website address (which allows browsers to access it)
  • A picture of the speaker (or an image related to their talk) if you have one
  • The organiser's email (this should automatically appear as your own email and is not visible to anybody viewing the talk)
  • The venue, date and time
  • In the box labelled 'abstract' please add the abstract of the talk and any other information relevant to the talk, such as links to slides or who to contact for further information, which is always a good idea to include.  
  • Please do NOT check "ex-directory or publicity" unless you have been expressly told otherwise.  
  • The above items are very important so that the information that appears on our web pages is as accurate and informative as possible!

Add an event to now.