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Department of Chemistry Internal Pages

Read more at: Department re-opens

Department re-opens

The Department officially re-opened to key staff on the 22nd of June, almost exactly three months after closing for Covid-19. But there are a few changes....

Read more at: Goodbye to Sheila

Goodbye to Sheila

After 23 years of being a friendly, smiling and resourceful fixture in Reception, Sheila Bateman is retiring on 31 July.

Read more at: July Photo Contest

July Photo Contest

Can you identify staff members from photos of their younger selves?

Read more at: COVID-19 tests for staff

COVID-19 tests for staff

Quick testing for all staf and their household who develop Covid symptoms.

Read more at: Virtual climbing challenge

Virtual climbing challenge

Team Chemistry scaled Mt Everest, The Gherkin and Great St Mary's Church.

Read more at: Keeping keyboard users safe

Keeping keyboard users safe

These sanitisable keyboards are keeping staff safe.

Read more at: Lockdown candles blown away

Lockdown candles blown away

Lockdown has ended in France, so is this the last of Mélanie Bay's cakes?

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Garden parties past

Memories of 2018 (hot) and 2019 (rainy) staff garden parties.

Read more at: Entertaining ideas

Entertaining ideas

Botanic Garden free entry, Pete Wothers' lectures online, Pilates, cakes and a baby!