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Read more at: Goodbye to Sue

Goodbye to Sue

Department members joined together on Zoom to say goodbye to Sue Begg, who is retiring after 21 years in the Department.

Read more at: A flamboyance of...

A flamboyance of...

Just for fun, here are a few collective nouns which are particularly appropriate for chemistry.

Read more at: Hair today

Hair today

During the past year, we have all had to ‘make do’ in various areas, and one of them has most definitely been haircuts. We asked Department members to share some of their lockdown haircut disasters (or triumphs).

Read more at: A winter wedding

A winter wedding

Wedding bells brightened the dark days of December.

Read more at: Wellbeing matters

Wellbeing matters

Lockdown has been a struggle for many, but the University has provided a number of resources to help.

Read more at: Welcome Baby Eden

Welcome Baby Eden

A staff newsletter wouldn't be complete without a photo of a baby....