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Current Postgraduate Students


The Department of Chemistry aims to provide all postgraduate students with excellent and relevant postgraduate education, combining our carefully selected compulsory courses with the freedom to choose your own bespoke additional series of academic lectures and workshops from our extensive and evolving range, directly supporting both your research and broader chemistry knowledge base.

As a first year postgraduate student in the Chemistry Department and guided by your Supervisor, you should aim to attend as many sessions that look interesting and relevant to you.

Note: you will be expected to confirm that you have attended all compulsory courses, as part of your first year report submissionThis may then provide a talking point in your end of year oral examination.

In addition to Postgraduate Education, we feel extra-curricular activities are also very imporant in helping students to learn about themselves and develop and use thier skills and knowlesge in different contexts. Therefore, we encourage students to also partake in such activities. They are an essential element of the university experience.