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Current Postgraduate Students



  • Is your PI an excellent supervisor?
  • Do they actively support you and your colleagues throughout your postgraduate journey, including your personal and career development, as well as in your research project work?
  • Would you like to show your appreciation for their excellent postgraduate student supervision and support?
If so, nominate your PI for the Department’s Outstanding Postgraduate Supervision Award!


  • Winners will be honoured with this Award, which comes with an honorarium of £1000, to be spent on a social, team building activity by the winning supervisor’s group.

  • Your nomination will also help raise department-wide awareness of excellence in postgraduate supervision.


To nominate your supervisor, or another PI in the Department of Chemistry (for instance, your academic mentor or a PI within a collaborating project), complete the nomination form (22/23) before the deadline. Nomination open in August and close in September.

You will be asked to select options against the set criteria and provide a written statement to highlight how your nominated PI provides excellent postgraduate supervision and support. For more information on the criteria and assessment process, refer to this document.

Winners will be agreed upon by our Departmental Postgraduate Education Committee and Head of Department.


All postgraduate students can submit only one nomination: winning PIs will be excluded from future competitions for 4 years.

Award Winners

2020 - Professor Ian Paterson

2021 - Professor Dominic Wright

2022 - Professor Angelos Michaelides