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Current Postgraduate Students


Welcome to the Department!

You will be given a huge amount of information in your first few days here and we do not expect you to remember everything. You will have questions. There is a huge amount of support within the Department and in the wider University to help with any issues you may have at any point of your PhD/MPhil and this website is a source of much of the information you might require.  However, if you cannot find the answers you are looking for please contact the Postgraduate Education Team who will be happy to help.  Another useful website is the University page for new students which you can find here.

One of the most important items you will receive during your first few days in Cambridge is your University Card which will have many functions during your time at the University and in the Department.

If you provided a photo with your application you will receive your University Card from your Card Representative upon arrival at your College. If you did not supply a photo with your application, contact your College's Card Representative (Raven log-in required).

More information is given on the University Card web pages.

Important: If you have received your card from college it will automatically be activated to give you the electronic access you need within the Chemistry Department during the Induction Week.  You will need your card to sign into the Induction Day events.  

Please note:

a)  If your card is not working as you expect/need it to, please contact immediately.

b) In order to maintain continuous access you must register by the end of 16th October.  Please see Registration for further information. 

c) For more information on Induction activities, please see Induction for more details.