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Current Postgraduate Students


What is it?

A non-intimidating, hands-on opportunity for first year postgraduate students and MPhils to present their research to a mixed-RIG group of scientists who are also at the same stage in their studies.

  • Students should give an overview of their research area and project aims for a non-specialist audience.
  • Each presenter normally has a 15-minute slot (10 for the talk, 5 for questions).
  • The talks for these sessions will vary greatly in content because students presenting in December are unlikely to have a great deal of results and even those presenting in April will often not have a lot of their science working. The point is not to impress peers with your results (although if you have them, you will of course) but to learn.

Visit the Moodle 'Peer-to-peer Presentations: Examples' folder to see past presentations.

Why are you doing it?

To improve your presentation skills, both by having actual practice, receiving feedback from those who hear you speak and seeing other styles of presenting that you may wish to adopt yourself. 

There is a compulsory element of your first/MPhil year where you are expected to present your research and findings so far to your academic mentor. Students may wish to arrange this meeting prior to their scheduled peer-to- peer presentation in preparation for, or following it, having taken on feedback from their peers. Once completed, all students will be required to send a confirmation email to the Graduate Education Team following its completion.

When is it?

P2P presentation weeks are scheduled as follows:

  • w/c Monday 6 December 2021
  • w/c Monday 28 March 2022

Note: If you are a: Michaelmas Term starter, you could be presenting at either week; Lent Term starter, you will be presenting your work in March/April; Easter Term starter, you will be presenting your work in December.

How does it work?

  • The scheme is compulsory for all first-year PhD students and, from the academic year 2021/22, MPhil students
  • First-year PhD students who are divided into around five groups of 10-15 each.
  • MPhil students will be divided if the numbers require it and present in Lent Term
  • Each PhD group is taken from first-year Michaelmas and Lent Term students (Easter Term student are invited to join the December presentation groups for the following academic year).
  • Groups are deliberately taken from all RIGs to help students learn to present to a mixed audience.
  • Michaelmas PhD starters will end up in groups of around 10-15 people: around half of each group will be asked to present in December and the other half in April, often in a different group. However, you will need to plan to attend both the December and April sessions, presenting in one of them and being part of the audience in the other (i.e. it is not required that everybody presents in both December and April, just the one you are allocated. You can also swap with somebody else in your group if that works out better for two of you).
  • Lent Term starters will be presenting their work in March/April
  • Easter Term starters will be presenting their work in December.


  • Each member of the audience fills in a detailed feedback sheet during each talk, which is given to the presenter at the end.
  • Feedback on the sessions will be requested from all participants, in order to ensure that the most effective model is being used for this activity.