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Current Postgraduate Students


Arrival Checklist for New Postgraduate Students

Task Details When to complete it
University Registration This is required to access your Cambridge email and collect IT passwords. Details are on the UIS website. After admission is confirmed and registration email is received

Complete the Demonstrating Sign Up Form (October starters only)

You should have already received information about Demonstrating, and filled in a form with your information. If you haven't completed the form, please do so now

Demonstrating is a compulsory element of 1st and 2nd year PhD studies (except SynTech students**). 
We encourage MPhils to get involved but appreciate time is of the essence, therefore please discuss with your PI before filling out this form.

**Demonstrating is optional for SynTech students due to commitments to an extensive training program but is highly recommended if your schedule allows and you are based in Chemistry for your PhD studies.

Further information about Demonstrating

By 3 September

Collect University card for access to the Department

Check your College's arrival information for details on how to collect your card. 

Your card should allow you limited access to the Department from the first weekday after your earliest arrival date (1 October / 5 January / 10 or 17 April) for induction attendance. Full access will be granted on completion of registration (see below). If your card does not allow you access from the above date, contact MifareAdmin [at] or see Reception immediately.

In order to maintain continuous access you must register within 14 days of receiving the link. If registration is not completed within this timeframe you will lose access to the Department.

On arrival

Department Registration

You will be sent a registration link by email before the first day of term. Please complete your registration with 14 days of receiving the link. 

For any information you do not know, please wait until you have been inducted in your research group. 

Students currently registered with the Department as MPhil/visitor status will not be required to register again. We will create a new record for you. 

Within 14 days of receiving registration link

Safety Training with Quiz

Your Department Safety training will be accessible from the registration link. There is a general Safety training course with Quiz that everyone must complete and second link with further training and a second quiz for experimentalists. In order to complete your registration and gain access to the Chemistry labs you need to get 80% or more on the relevant quiz(zes).

Within 14 days of receiving registration link
Photo As part of the Department Registration, our Repographics Team will take your photo. You should book a time slot online during the registration process. Within 14 days of receiving registration link

Lab Management Induction

You should arrange this with your Lab Manager. If you do not have a lab, please ask you supervisor if there is any other relevant induction you need to attend.

Within first two weeks of arrival

University Safety Course 

In addition to the Department safety training, you are also required to complete the online University safety training.

Within first two weeks of arrival

Fire Training

All postgraduate students must complete the online fire training.

You should also complete the fire safety awareness and use of fire extinguishers training. Live sessions with availability will be circulated during the year.

Within first two weeks of arrival

Attend Induction

October starters will have an Induction day on the first Tuesday of term. You should attend all events on this day. The timetable can be found here.

Lent/Easter term starters will have an informal induction session at the start of term. You will be notified of this date separately. You will also be given access to the October induction recordings.  

3 October / date TBC for Lent & Easter starters

Read the Code of Practice for research students

Please familiarise yourself with the Code of Practice for research students. You, your Supervisor and Academic Mentor are expected to sign a copy of this Code, in order to confirm that you have read it and discussed its content.

Within one month of arrival

Submit your bank details

If the Department is covering your maintenance payments, your bank details will be requested by the Academic Secretary in the coming weeks. Further information about other payments eg for demonstrating, will be given at the Induction.

Within one week of arrival

Add the PG Calendar 

There is an Outlook calendar with all training and events that you will be given access to. Please check your access and either add the whole calendar or individual events to your Outlook so that you are always aware of what is coming up.

Within one week of arrival

Sign up to compulsory courses

At induction you will be given a list of Compulsory courses together with signup links (also available here). Please ensure that you have signed up for these, informed your PI and added the dates to your diary.

We also have a wide range of courses we would highly recommend. Please sign up to these as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Links will be available at Induction.

Within one month of arrival

iProc training For access to iProc, email keycontacts [at] to be registered for the training.  Within one month of arrival

Meet with your supervisor

You should meet with your supervisor on arrival. It is important to keep open communication with them about the courses you need and want to attend. We suggest discussing this and asking if there are courses they would recommend for your particular project.

Within one month of arrival

Contact your Academic Mentor 

You will be assigned an Academic Mentor within your first few weeks in Department. Please look out for this communication. This will be someone from your RIG who does not provide formal supervision but acts as a point of contact for academic advice.

Once you receive the details, make contact with your mentor to introduce yourself.  

On receipt of mentor information from PG Team

Check your visa responsibilities (if applicable)

If you are on a student visa, make sure you are aware of your responsibilities by checking the International Office website.

Within two weeks of arrival

Make yourself aware of written work submission deadlines

This might seem like a long way off, but you should make yourself aware of the following submission deadlines and start working towards them with your supervisor:

Training sessions will be held with further information about these processes in Easter term.

First year review Department guidance
MPhil Exam Department guidance

In the first two months

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the Postgraduate Education Team. We will be available to meet in person from the date of induction or are contactable by email, phone or on MS Teams during office hours.