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Current Postgraduate Students


How your induction runs in the Department will depend on whether you start in October (Michaelmas Term, MT), January (Lent Term, LT) or April (Easter Term, ET).  The greatest proportion of our postgraduate students (PhD and MPhil) arrive in October (around 70-80 students) and therefore, we have induction activities and events to cater for this large cohort. In January and April, we usually have around 5 students arriving  and therefore, the induction is on a smaller scale, typically just one day but enough to get the new students up and running in their laboratories. Some Induction talks will be recorded during Michaelmas Term and updated onto Moodle for you to access. Lent and Easter starters are expected to familiarise themselves with these as part of their Induction. 

If you have any problems with registrations please contact Registration or Postgraduate Education Team.

Useful Links:

For Live Fire Training, please book via UTBS.

Should you require prescription safety glasses, our Dispensing Optician (Mr Kieran Doyle) will be on-site during the latter part of October to meet with you (dates TBC by reception): until you have your prescription safety glasses, please wear over-glasses in the laboratory. Ordinary safety glasses will be provided for all students when they arrive, if they will be working in teaching and research laboratories. 

If you are a student that falls within the Theory Research Interest Group, you should familiarise yourself with the following programs either before you start or during the very first few weeks of your PhD or MPhil. This will aid you to get started without any delay.

  • Molecular Graphics: Visual Molecular Dynamics (VMD)
  • Test Processing Tools: sed and AWK
  • Computer Algebra: Mathematica version control - svn and git

Further useful links to familiarise yourself with can be found here.