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Current Postgraduate Students

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Throughout the year the department offers information, presentations and opportunities to discuss issues related to mental health and wellbeing, and disability support.  Our academics and student facing professional support staff attend training courses and are available to offer advice about the most suitable and professionally trained people or services in the collegiate university to help you or someone who you suspect may be suffering with mental health issues. 

The mental health services are integrated across the colleges, university and department to make sure postgraduate students are supported appropriately.  As a postgraduate you can approach your college Postgraduate Tutor, Wellbeing advisor/Counsellor, Nurse or MCR.  In the department you can approach your PI, the Postgraduate Education Team, Academic MentorDeputy Head of Department or any members of staff that you feel comfortable talking to. 

Support outside of the Department:

The one-stop site for all the relevant information, which is updated regularly, is at

For registered disabilities the department works with the Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre to manage and deliver the outcomes of the Student Support Documents.


If you are in doubt as to who to contact with any issue, please seek advice from within the Department. You can always rely on the Postgraduate Education Team to help you decide which avenue to take next. There are also relevant links on a range of issues in Policy and Resources. We have password protected this area (raven access): if you don't have access and think you should, please email the Postgraduate Education Team who will be able to help you.