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Current Postgraduate Students


To formally leave the department, it is necessary to obtain clearance to leave from the following people:


Return all books that you have borrowed to the Library.

Research Floor Technician 

(experimental researchers only)

Clean thoroughly all your standard ground jointed apparatus and general glassware. Return any non-standard glassware to your Floor Technician. Consult your Floor Technician about the safe disposal of those specimens/chemicals not required. See General Information book for further details.

Research Group Leader 

You must obtain the signature of your research group leader, who should certify, where applicable, the above have been done and the appropriate data transferred.

Computing Allocations

Visit to deal with your computer allocations then go to M18 or UM01 to collect a signature from the IT staff.

Departmental Safety Office

Fire wardens and first aiders only

Postgraduate Education

Complete the Postgraduate Exit Survey if you did your PhD in this Department


Return University card / car parking badge to Reception.

Accounts Office 

Provided the Departmental Leaving Form is complete, your deposit will be refunded. Note: Large amounts of cash are not routinely kept in the Department and a cash refund on demand cannot therefore be guaranteed. Please provide at least one week’s notice of requiring a cash refund.

Leaving before the end of your studies

Deciding not to complete your postgraduate study is a very serious decision but it does happen in a very few cases and for a diverse range of reasons.  In any case of this type, please talk to your Supervisor, as well as your Academic Mentor, your College Tutor and/or member of the Postgraduate Education Team as soon as you feel like this is something you are considering in order that we can help you to decide what is the best pathway for you to follow.  We want all of our students to leave the Department with the most appropriate level of recognition for work carried out during the time spent with us and there are several possible options, in the event that completion of your studies is no longer realistic.  However, every case is different and usually complicated so it is difficult for us to present all options for every case here.

Whatever you do, whether ultimately that is to continue and complete your degree or to leave via a different pathway, please decide what to do with our help and support: if you are in this situation, it is likely that it will be a challenging time and we will do our best to help you make the right decisions, backed with guidance on the correct Departmental/University procedures you need to follow in order for everything to run smoothly.