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Current Postgraduate Students


Graduate student membership on Departmental Committees is extremely important and, to ensure that the graduates are represented at all Committee meetings, we normally have two grad student members of each of the following Committees:

  • Athena SWAN (additional member this year who was also a member of the group as an undergraduate so can offer an important additional perspective to the Committee)



Kellie Binder


Grant Simpson


Coco Day


Akhila Denduluri


Andreas Wagner


David Izogu


Alex Cumberworth


Andrea Chlebikova


Jeongjae Lee


Farah Alimagham


Jeffrey Poon

S. Clarke

In addition, we have a Graduate Social and Networking Committee (GSNC), made up exclusively of graduate students, who take responsibility for all Departmental graduate social events, from those held up in the cybercafe to picnics, sports day and formal halls in Colleges.

If you are interested in joining a Committee and representing your peers in this important role, we always seek new members at the start of the academic year (apart from the GSNC who recruit on a rolling basis).  Should you be interested in joining, when the call for new members is sent out, please e-mail Deborah Longbottom, stating:

1)  which Committee(s) you are interested in joining;
2)  your year group (preference will be given to those students who have less time left with us);
3)  your reasons for wanting to join;
4)  confirmation of your availability (if it is anything other than the entire academic year).