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Current Postgraduate Students


The Postgraduate Social and Networking Committee is made up exclusively of postgraduate students, who take responsibility for all Departmental postgraduate social events, from those held up in the cybercafe to picnics, sports day and formal halls in Colleges. The committee organises a variety of regular events in the department.

Since Covid the committee has not been revived. However, we are now looking for volunteers who are willing to bring back all of the social gatherings and cohort building events. If you are interested, please contact the Postgraduate Education Team.

The PSNC is responsible for:

October - Informal Welcome Event for new students

October - Buddy event

December - Christmas Event

June - First Year Submission Party

Committee Roles

  • Chair - organisation of meetings and delegating of responsibilities for events
  • Promotions - posters and flyers  and social media for events
  • Catering/ordering - choosing and ordering food and drinks for events
  • Secretary - minute taking

**The committee are always looking for new members on a rolling basis**