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Current Postgraduate Students


Booking a place on any of the courses you are interested in could not be easier:

  • Log into the University Training Booking System (UTBS), using your raven username and password;
  • Select Chemistry Department or any department of interest such as Researcher Development as your training provider.
  • Choose what you want to attend and when.
  • Book a place. 

Some important points to note: 

  • Book your place on courses as early as possible in the academic year (some courses are oversubscribed and booking early is essential);
  • If you find that a course is fully booked, add your name to the waiting list (places can become available due to cancellations and, if there are a sufficient number of people on the waiting list, the course provider may schedule an extra date to accommodate need);
  • Please check the eligibility criteria carefully when making a booking (some courses are aimed at students at specific stages of their PhD);
  • When you book a place on a course or activity, you are committing yourself to attending it.  If you find that you are no longer going to be able to attend a particular course or individual session, it is your responsibility to remove your booking: this will free up your place for somebody on the waiting list in many instances and prevent any penalty being incurred by yourself.
  • Please ensure that you allow sufficient time to be on time for your course. Late attendance may result in not logging your attendance for your training record.
  • Remember to take advice from your Supervisor and/or the Graduate Education Team on all aspects of course selection.