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Monolithic Photoelectrochemical Device for 19% Direct Water Splitting
W-H Cheng, MH Richter, MM May, J Ohlmann, D Lackner, F Dimroth, T Hannappel, HA Atwater, H-J Lewerenz
Palladium-Catalysed Cross-Coupling of Benzylammonium Salts with Boronic Acids under Mild Conditions
PL Türtscher, HJ Davis, RJ Phipps
– Synthesis (Germany)
Are some packings more equal than others? A direct test of the Edwards conjecture
S Martiniani, KJ Schrenk, K Ramola, B Chakraborty, D Frenkel
Tuning Product Selectivity for Aqueous CO2 Reduction with a Mn(bipyridine)-pyrene Catalyst Immobilized on a Carbon Nanotube Electrode
E Reisner, B Reuillard, H Ly, T Rosser, M Kuehnel, I Zebger
– Journal of the American Chemical Society
Scalable and controlled self-assembly of aluminum-based random plasmonic metasurfaces
RH Siddique, J Mertens, H Hölscher, S Vignolini
– Light: Science and Applications
A study of the dense Uniform Electron Gas with high orders of Coupled Cluster
VA Neufeld, AJW Thom
Quantifying hidden order out of equilibrium
S Martiniani, R Alfia, PM Chaikin, D Levine
Rapid Continuous Ru-Catalysed Transfer Hydrogenation of Aromatic Nitriles to Primary Amines
R Labes, D González-Calderón, C Battilocchio, C Mateos, GR Cumming, O de Frutos, JA Rincón, SV Ley
– Synlett
SOD1 protein aggregates stimulate macropinocytosis in neurons to facilitate their propagation.
R Zeineddine, JF Pundavela, L Corcoran, EM Stewart, D Do-Ha, M Bax, G Guillemin, KL Vine, DM Hatters, H Ecroyd, CM Dobson, BJ Turner, L Ooi, MR Wilson, NR Cashman, JJ Yerbury
– Molecular neurodegeneration
Arachidonic acid mediates the formation of abundant alpha-helical multimers of alpha-synuclein.
M Iljina, L Tosatto, ML Choi, JC Sang, Y Ye, CD Hughes, CE Bryant, S Gandhi, D Klenerman
– Scientific reports
Increased thermal stability of activated N2 adsorbed on K-promoted Ni{110}.
T Liu, I Temprano, SJ Jenkins
– Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP
Cooperative Enhancement of Energy Transfer in a High-Density Thermal Vapor
L Weller, RJ Bettles, CL Vaillant, MA Zentile, RM Potvliege, CS Adams, IG Hughes
Particle-based simulations of steady-state mass transport at high Péclet numbers
T Müller, P Arosio, L Rajah, SIA Cohen, EV Yates, M Vendruscolo, CM Dobson, TPJ Knowles
SFG Study of the Potential Dependent Adsorption of the P-toluenesulfonate Anion at an Activated Carbon/Propylene Carbonate Interface
SM Clarke, EK Humpreys, MTL casford, CP Grey
– Journal of Physical Chemistry C
Multifunctional energy landscape for a DNA G-quadruplex: An evolved molecular switch
T Cragnolini, D Chakraborty, J Šponer, P Derreumaux, S Pasquali, DJ Wales
– The Journal of Chemical Physics
Disorder drives cooperative folding in a multidomain protein.
DT Gruszka, CATF Mendonça, E Paci, F Whelan, J Hawkhead, JR Potts, J Clarke
– Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Mapping and elucidating the function of modified bases in DNA
S Balasubramanian, EA Raiber, Hardisty, van Delft
– Nature Reviews Chemistry
Pharmacological targeting of apelin impairs glioblastoma growth
AP Davenport, E Harford-Wright, G Andre-Gregoire, KA Jacobs, L Treps, S Le Gonidec, HM Leclair, S Gonzalez-Diest, Q Roux, F Guillonneau, L Oliver, FM Vallette, F Foufelle, P Valet, RC Glen, N Bidere, J Gavard
– Brain
Understanding Immobilized Molecular Catalysts for Fuel-Forming Reactions through UV/Vis Spectroelectrochemistry
TE Rosser, E Reisner
– ACS Catalysis
Extending the lifetime of resonant atmospheric particulate mass sensors with solvent rinses
AT Zielinski, NE Weckman, RL Jones, M Kalberer, AA Seshia
– IEEE Sensors Letters