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Professor Steve Ley FRS

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In the Ley Group, we specialise in developing new synthesis methods and applying them to the construction of biologically important molecules. Over the last 4 years we have completed the total synthesis of 38 natural products including spongistatin 1 (anti-mitotic agent), rapamycin (immunosuppressant), thapsigargin (SERCA pumps inhibitor), azadirachtin (insect antifeedant) and bengazole A (fungicide), taking our group total to 140 completed total syntheses. In addition to our research on natural product synthesis, we have the Innovative Technology Centre (ITC); a new state-of-the-art flow chemistry facility. Our group is also part of the Cambridge PhD Training Programme in Chemical Biology and Molecular Medicine.

For more detailed research information, group members and our publication list please see the group website (Whiffen Lab and ITC)


Flow chemistry meets advanced functional materials.
RM Myers, DE Fitzpatrick, RM Turner, SV Ley – Chemistry (2014) 20, n/a
Expedient preparation of nazlinine and a small library of indole alkaloids using flow electrochemistry as an enabling technology.
MA Kabeshov, B Musio, PR Murray, DL Browne, SV Ley – Organic Letters (2014) 16, 4618
Regioselective preparation of saturated spirocyclic and ring-expanded fused pyrazoles.
RR Merchant, DM Allwood, DC Blakemore, SV Ley – J Org Chem (2014) 79, 8800
Highly regioselective lithiation of pyridines bearing an oxetane unit by n-butyllithium
G Rouquet, DC Blakemore, SV Ley – Chemical communications (Cambridge, England) (2014) 50, 8908
Preparation of unsymmetrical ketones from tosylhydrazones and aromatic aldehydes via formyl C-H bond insertion.
DM Allwood, DC Blakemore, SV Ley – Organic Letters (2014) 16, 3064
Continuous flow chemistry: a discovery tool for new chemical reactivity patterns.
J Hartwig, JB Metternich, N Nikbin, A Kirschning, SV Ley – Org Biomol Chem (2014) 12, 3611
Accelerating spirocyclic polyketide synthesis using flow chemistry.
S Newton, CF Carter, CM Pearson, L de C Alves, H Lange, P Thansandote, SV Ley – Angew Chem Int Ed Engl (2014) 53, 4915
Mild and Selective Heterogeneous Catalytic Hydration of Nitriles to Amides by Flowing through Manganese Dioxide
C Battilocchio, JM Hawkins, SV Ley – Organic Letters (2014) 16, 1060
Accelerating spirocyclic polyketide synthesis using flow chemistry
S Newton, CF Carter, CM Pearson, L De C Alves, H Lange, P Thansandote, SV Ley – Angewandte Chemie - International Edition (2014) 53, 4915
Flow-based, cerium oxide enhanced, low-level palladium sonogashira and heck coupling reactions by perovskite catalysts
C Battilocchio, BN Bhawal, R Chorghade, BJ Deadman, JM Hawkins, SV Ley – Israel Journal of Chemistry (2014) 54, 371
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