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Atmospheric Chemistry Research Group


Hi Resolution Global ModelingProf. John Pyle (Chemistry)

Our group uses state of the art computer models to study the role chemical species have on our atmosphere. We use CTM's (p-TOMCAT) and GCM's (Unified Model & UKCA). The group in the Chemistry Department has a very active research program into all aspects of atmospheric chemistry. There a modelling studies of stratospheric and tropospheric chemistry, using 1D, 2D and 3D models. The group also builds its own instruments for observations of chemical constituents in the atmosphere.


Prof. Peter Haynes (Mathematics)

Peter Haynes' research focusses on the large-scale fluid dynamics of atmosphere and ocean, and related topics, particularly in climate science. In fluid dynamics he is interested in wave propagation and breaking and its implication for the background flow, and in transport and mixing of trace species, including reacting chemical and biological species. These topics are relevant to both atmosphere and ocean. In atmospheric science, he is interested in the dynamics of the global circulation, in interactions between dynamics, chemistry and radiation, and in the various physical and dynamical processes controlling the distributions of chemical species, including water vapour.


Dr Michael Herzog (Geography)

My research activities and interests include:

  • development of atmospheric models from local to global scales
  • modelling of convective clouds and plumes
  • role of convection in the climate system, understanding of the hydrological cycle in present and future climate
  • understanding of the role of aerosols in present and future climate, impact of aerosols on dynamical and microphysical processes


  • Dr Michael Herzog: Geography Dept. Modelling of dynamical and microphysical processes from local to global scales

Related Publications 

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