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Climatology and Diurnal Variation of Ozone Column Abundances for 2.5 Mars Years as Measured by the NOMAD‐UVIS Spectrometer
JP Mason, MR Patel, JA Holmes, MJ Wolff, J Alday, P Streeter, KS Olsen, MAJ Brown, G Sellers, C Marriner, Y Willame, I Thomas, B Ristic, F Daerden, AC Vandaele, J Lopez‐Moreno, G Bellucci
– Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets
Interactions between atmospheric composition and climate change - progress in understanding and future opportunities from AerChemMIP, PDRMIP, and RFMIP
S Fiedler, V Naik, FM O'Connor, CJ Smith, P Griffiths, RJ Kramer, T Takemura, RJ Allen, U Im, M Kasoar, A Modak, S Turnock, A Voulgarakis, D Watson-Parris, DM Westervelt, LJ Wilcox, A Zhao, WJ Collins, M Schulz, G Myhre, PM Forster
– Geoscientific Model Development
Extension, Development and Evaluation of the representation of the OH-initiated DMS oxidation mechanism in the MCM v3.3.1 framework
L Jacob, C Giorio, AT Archibald
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (ACP)
Extension, development, and evaluation of the representation of the OH-initiated dimethyl sulfide (DMS) oxidation mechanism in the Master Chemical Mechanism (MCM) v3.3.1 framework
LSD Jacob, C Giorio, AT Archibald
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Analysis of UKESM1-StratTrop CCMI2022 experiments with a focus on ozone trends
P Griffiths, J Keeble, L Abraham
Modelling the Global Uncertainty of Hydrogen Deposition
M Brown, A Archibald, L Abraham, N Warwick, P Griffiths
Estimating the causal effect of temperature on ozone air pollution
S Hickman, P Griffiths, P Nowack, A Archibald
Uncovering the effect of fires in Jambi, Riau, and South Sumatra on PM2.5 concentration levels in Greater Kuala Lumpur during September 2019 transboundary haze pollution
J Murulitharan, A Archibald, C Giorio
Uncertainties in tropospheric ozone changes due to natural precursor emissions
X Ye, X Wang, D Li, P Griffiths, A Archibald, L Zhang
Historical sulfate aerosol formation in earth system model with interactive-chemistry: interplay between emission location, seasonality, meteorology and available oxidants
V Sakulsupich, P Griffiths, A Archibald
Susceptibility of hypertensive individuals to acute blood pressure increases in response to personal-level environmental temperature decrease.
Y Xu, Y Han, W Chen, L Chatzidiakou, L Yan, A Krause, Y Li, H Zhang, T Wang, T Xue, Q Chan, B Barratt, RL Jones, J Liu, Y Wu, M Zhao, J Zhang, FJ Kelly, T Zhu
– Environment international
Chemistry-albedo feedbacks offset up to a third of forestation’s CO2 removal benefits
J Weber, JA King, NL Abraham, DP Grosvenor, CJ Smith, YM Shin, P Lawrence, S Roe, DJ Beerling, MV Martin
– Science (New York, N.Y.)
Data supporting the North Atlantic Climate System: Integrated Studies (ACSIS) programme, including atmospheric composition, oceanographic and sea ice observations (2016–2022) and output from ocean, atmosphere, land and sea-ice models (1950–2050)
AT Archibald, B Sinha, M Russo, E Matthews, F Squires, NL Abraham, S Bauguitte, T Bannan, T Bell, D Berry, L Carpenter, H Coe, A Coward, P Edwards, D Feltham, D Heard, J Hopkins, J Keeble, EC Kent, B King, IR Lawrence, J Lee, CR Macintosh, A Megann, BI Moat, K Read, C Reed, M Roberts, R Schiemann, D Schroeder, T Smyth, L Temple, N Thamban, L Whalley, S Williams, H Wu, M-X Yang
Input and output files supporting Extension, Development and Evaluation of the representation of the OH-initiated DMS oxidation mechanism in the MCM v3.3.1 framework
L Jacob, C Giorio, A Archibald
The sensitivity of Southern Ocean atmospheric dimethyl sulfide (DMS) to modeled oceanic DMS concentrations and emissions
YA Bhatti, LE Revell, AJ Schuddeboom, AJ McDonald, AT Archibald, J Williams, AU Venugopal, C Hardacre, E Behrens
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Understanding the patterns and health impact of indoor air pollutant exposures in Bradford, UK: a study protocol
E Ikeda, J Hamilton, C Wood, L Chatzidiakou, T Warburton, A Ruangkanit, Y Shao, D Genes, D Waiblinger, TC Yang, C Giorio, G McFiggans, SP O'Meara, P Edwards, E Bates, DR Shaw, RL Jones, N Carslaw, R McEachan
– BMJ Open
Disproportionate impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on early career researchers and disabled researchers in volcanology
MM Chim, EC Maters, J Morin, JL Kavanagh, A Donovan, TJ Aubry, A Schmidt
– Frontiers in Earth Science
Short-term forecasting of ozone air pollution across Europe with transformers
SHM Hickman, PT Griffiths, PJ Nowack, AT Archibald
– Environmental Data Science
Development, intercomparison and evaluation of an improved mechanism for the oxidation of dimethyl sulfide in the UKCA model
BA Cala, S Archer-Nicholls, J Weber, NL Abraham, PT Griffiths, L Jacob, YM Shin, LE Revell, M Woodhouse, AT Archibald
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Maternal cardiovascular and haematological complications alter the risk associations between environmental exposure and adverse pregnancy outcomes
J Sun, H Tang, H Zhao, Q Xiang, Y Tian, KR van Daalen, K Tang, EX-L Loo, LP Shek, AT Archibald, W Xu, Y Guo, X Bai

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