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Measurement of the fluorescence lifetime of GFP in high refractive index levitated droplets using FLIM
NM Davidson, PJ Gallimore, B Bateman, AD Ward, SW Botchway, M Kalberer, MK Kuimova, FD Pope
– Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP
Modelling the potential impacts of the recent, unexpected increase in CFC-11 emissions on total column ozone recovery
J Keeble, NL Abraham, AT Archibald, MP Chipperfield, S Dhomse, PT Griffiths, JA Pyle
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Stratospheric ozone changes from explosive tropical volcanoes: Modelling and ice core constraints
A Ming, VHL Winton, J Keeble, NL Abraham, MC Dalvi, P Griffiths, N Caillon, AE Jones, R Mulvaney, J Savarino, MM Frey, X Yang
– Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres
Uncertainties in macroeconomic assessments of low-carbon transition pathways - The case of the European iron and steel industry
G Bachner, J Mayer, KW Steininger, A Anger-Kraavi, A Smith, TS Barker
– Ecological Economics
Analysis of the variability of airborne particulate matter with prevailing meteorological conditions across a semi-urban environment using a network of low-cost air quality sensors
OR Omokungbe, OG Fawole, OK Owoade, OAM Popoola, RL Jones, FS Olise, MA Ayoola, PO Abiodun, AB Toyeje, AP Olufemi, LA Sunmonu, OE Abiye
– Heliyon
The Influence of Zonally Asymmetric Stratospheric Ozone Changes on the Arctic Polar Vortex Shift
J Zhang, W Tian, F Xie, JA Pyle, J Keeble, T Wang
– Journal of Climate
On the Changing Role of the Stratosphere on the Tropospheric Ozone Budget: 1979–2010
PT Griffiths, J Keeble, YM Shin, NL Abraham, AT Archibald, JA Pyle
– Geophysical Research Letters
Comparison of Heated Electrospray Ionization and Nanoelectrospray Ionization Sources Coupled to Ultra-High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry for Analysis of Highly Complex Atmospheric Aerosol Samples
I Kourtchev, P Szeto, I O'Connor, OAM Popoola, W Maenhaut, J Wenger, M Kalberer
– Analytical Chemistry
Response to reviewer #2
J Keeble
Response to reviewer #3
J Keeble
Metal Ion Release from Fine Particulate Matter Sampled in the Po Valley to an Aqueous Solution Mimicking Fog Water: Kinetics and Solubility
V Di Marco, A Tapparo, D Badocco, S D’Aronco, P Pastore, C Giorio
– Aerosol and Air Quality Research
Implementation of U.K. Earth System Models for CMIP6
AA Sellar, J Walton, CG Jones, R Wood, NL Abraham, M Andrejczuk, MB Andrews, T Andrews, AT Archibald, L de Mora, H Dyson, M Elkington, R Ellis, P Florek, P Good, L Gohar, S Haddad, SC Hardiman, E Hogan, A Iwi, CD Jones, B Johnson, DI Kelley, J Kettleborough, JR Knight, MO Köhler, T Kuhlbrodt, S Liddicoat, I Linova-Pavlova, MS Mizielinski, O Morgenstern, J Mulcahy, E Neininger, FM O'Connor, R Petrie, J Ridley, JC Rioual, M Roberts, E Robertson, S Rumbold, J Seddon, H Shepherd, S Shim, A Stephens, JC Teixiera, Y Tang, J Williams, A Wiltshire, PT Griffiths
– Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems
Description and Evaluation of the specified-dynamics experiment in the Chemistry-Climate Model Initiative
C Orbe, D Plummer, D Waugh, H Yang, P Jöckel, D Kinnison, B Josse, V Marecal, M Deushi, N Luke Abraham, A Archibald, M Chipperfield, S Dhomse, W Feng, S Bekki
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Description and evaluation of the UKCA stratosphere–troposphere chemistry scheme (StratTrop vn 1.0) implemented in UKESM1
A T Archibald, F M O'Connor, N Luke Abraham, S Archer-Nicholls, M P Chipperfield, M Dalvi, G A Folberth, F Dennison, S S Dhomse, P T Griffiths, C Hardacre, A J Hewitt, R S Hill, C E Johnson, J Keeble, M O Köhler, O Morgenstern, J P Mulcahy, C Ordóñez, R J Pope, S T Rumbold, M R Russo, N H Savage, A Sellar, M Stringer, S T Turnock, O Wild, G Zeng
– Geoscientific Model Development
Closing the green finance gap - A systems perspective
S Hafner, A Jones, A Anger-Kraavi, J Pohl
– Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions
Methane Mitigation: Methods to Reduce Emissions, on the Path to the Paris Agreement
EG Nisbet, RE Fisher, D Lowry, JL France, G Allen, S Bakkaloglu, TJ Broderick, M Cain, M Coleman, J Fernandez, G Forster, PT Griffiths, CP Iverach, BFJ Kelly, MR Manning, PBR Nisbet-Jones, JA Pyle, A Townsend-Small, A al-Shalaan, N Warwick, G Zazzeri
– Reviews of Geophysics
ARTN e2019RG000675
Spatial and Temporal Variations in SO2 and PM2.5 Levels Around Kīlauea Volcano, Hawai'i During 2007–2018
RCW Whitty, E Ilyinskaya, E Mason, PE Wieser, EJ Liu, A Schmidt, T Roberts, MA Pfeffer, B Brooks, TA Mather, M Edmonds, T Elias, DJ Schneider, C Oppenheimer, A Dybwad, PA Nadeau, C Kern
– Frontiers in Earth Science
IDirac: A field-portable instrument for long-term autonomous measurements of isoprene and selected VOCs
CG Bolas, V Ferracci, AD Robinson, MI Mead, MSM Nadzir, JA Pyle, RL Jones, NRP Harris
– Atmospheric Measurement Techniques
Structural Alerts and Random Forest Models in a Consensus Approach for Receptor Binding Molecular Initiating Events
AJ Wedlake, M Folia, S Piechota, TEH Allen, JM Goodman, S Gutsell, PJ Russell
– Chemical research in toxicology
A New Volcanic Stratospheric Sulfate Aerosol Forcing Emulator (EVA_H): Comparison With Interactive Stratospheric Aerosol Models
TJ Aubry, M Toohey, L Marshall, A Schmidt, AM Jellinek
– Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres
ARTN e2019JD031303