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Key Role of NO3 Radicals in the Production of Isoprene Nitrates and Nitrooxyorganosulfates in Beijing.
JF Hamilton, DJ Bryant, PM Edwards, B Ouyang, TJ Bannan, A Mehra, AW Mayhew, JR Hopkins, RE Dunmore, FA Squires, JD Lee, MJ Newland, SD Worrall, A Bacak, H Coe, C Percival, LK Whalley, DE Heard, EJ Slater, RL Jones, T Cui, JD Surratt, CE Reeves, GP Mills, S Grimmond, Y Sun, W Xu, Z Shi, AR Rickard
– Environmental science & technology
Temporally resolved thermal desorption of volatile organics from nanoporous silica preconcentrator.
W Winter, C Day, J Prestage, T Hutter
– The Analyst
Difference in ambient-personal exposure to PM 2.5 and its inflammatory effect in local residents in urban and peri-urban Beijing, China: results of the AIRLESS project
Y Han, L Chatzidiakou, L Yan, W Chen, H Zhang, A Krause, T Xue, Q Chan, J Liu, Y Wu, B Barratt, R Jones, T Zhu, FJ Kelly
– Faraday Discuss
A full-scale field study for evaluation of simple analytical models of cross ventilation and single-sided ventilation
S Fan, MSD Wykes, WE Lin, RL Jones, AG Robins, PF Linden
– Building and Environment
Description and evaluation of aerosol in UKESM1 and HadGEM3-GC3.1 CMIP6 historical simulations
JP Mulcahy, C Johnson, CG Jones, AC Povey, CE Scott, A Sellar, ST Turnock, MT Woodhouse, NL Abraham, MB Andrews, N Bellouin, J Browse, KS Carslaw, M Dalvi, GA Folberth, M Glover, DP Grosvenor, C Hardacre, R Hill, B Johnson, A Jones, Z Kipling, G Mann, J Mollard, FM O'Connor, J Palmiéri, C Reddington, ST Rumbold, M Richardson, NAJ Schutgens, P Stier, M Stringer, Y Tang, J Walton, S Woodward, A Yool
– Geoscientific Model Development
Influence of surfactants on a pre-adsorbed cationic layer: Removal and modification.
FJ Allen, CL Truscott, RJL Welbourn, SM Clarke
– J Colloid Interface Sci
Effects of AIR pollution on cardiopuLmonary disEaSe in urban and peri-urban reSidents in Beijing: Protocol for the AIRLESS study
Y Han, W Chen, L Chatzidiakou, A Krause, L Yan, H Zhang, Q Chan, B Barratt, R Jones, J Liu, Y Wu, M Zhao, J Zhang, FJ Kelly, T Zhu
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
A new method to assess the acute toxicity toward honeybees of the abrasion particles generated from seeds coated with insecticides
A Lentola, C Giorio, E Petrucco Toffolo, V Girolami, A Tapparo
– Environmental Sciences Europe
Volcanic ash ice-nucleating activity can be enhanced or depressed by ash-gas interaction in the eruption plume
EC Maters, C Cimarelli, AS Casas, DB Dingwell, BJ Murray
– Earth and Planetary Science Letters
Source–Receptor Relationship Revealed by the Halted Traffic and Aggravated Haze in Beijing during the COVID-19 Lockdown
Z Lv, X Wang, F Deng, Q Ying, AT Archibald, RL Jones, Y Ding, Y Cheng, M Fu, Y Liu, H Man, Z Xue, K He, J Hao, H Liu
– Environ Sci Technol
Evaluating the simulated radiative forcings, aerosol properties, and stratospheric warmings from the 1963 Mt Agung, 1982 El Chichon, and 1991 Mt Pinatubo volcanic aerosol clouds
SS Dhomse, GW Mann, JCA Marrero, SE Shallcross, MP Chipperfield, KS Carslaw, L Marshall, NL Abraham, CE Johnson
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Differences in the composition of organic aerosols between winter and summer in Beijing: a study by direct-infusion ultrahigh-resolution mass spectrometry
SS Steimer, DJ Patton, TV Vu, M Panagi, PS Monks, RM Harrison, ZL Fleming, Z Shi, M Kalberer
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Trends in global tropospheric hydroxyl radical and methane lifetime since 1850 from AerChemMIP
DS Stevenson, A Zhao, V Naik, FM O'Connor, S Tilmes, G Zeng, LT Murray, WJ Collins, PT Griffiths, S Shim, LW Horowitz, LT Sentman, L Emmons
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Emergence of New Economics Energy Transition Models: A Review
S Hafner, A Anger-Kraavi, I Monasterolo, A Jones
– Ecological Economics
Polar stratospheric clouds initiated by mountain waves in a global chemistry–climate model: a missing piece in fully modelling polar stratospheric ozone depletion
A Orr, J Scott Hosking, A Delon, L Hoffmann, R Spang, T Moffat-Griffin, J Keeble, N Luke Abraham, P Braesicke
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Indoor air pollution, physical and comfort parameters related to schoolchildren's health: Data from the European SINPHONIE study
RM Baloch, CN Maesano, J Christoffersen, S Banerjee, M Gabriel, É Csobod, E de Oliveira Fernandes, I Annesi-Maesano, SINPHONIE Study group
– The Science of The Total Environment
Methane Emissions in a Chemistry‐Climate Model: Feedbacks and Climate Response
I Heimann, PT Griffiths, NJ Warwick, NL Abraham, AT Archibald, JA Pyle
– Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems
The impacts of aerosol emissions on historical climate in ukesm1
J Seo, S Shim, SH Kwon, KO Boo, YH Kim, F O’connor, B Johnson, M Dalvi, G Folberth, J Teixeira, J Mulcahy, C Hardacre, S Turnock, S Woodward, L Abraham, J Keeble, P Griffiths, A Archibald, M Richardson, C Dearden, K Carslaw, J Williams, G Zeng, O Morgenstern
– Atmosphere
A p53-Dependent Checkpoint Induced upon DNA Damage Alters Cell Fate during hiPSC Differentiation.
CB Eldridge, FJ Allen, A Crisp, RA Grandy, L Vallier, JE Sale
– Stem Cell Reports
Minimal Climate Impacts From Short‐Lived Climate Forcers Following Emission Reductions Related to the COVID‐19 Pandemic
J Weber, Y Shin, J Staunton Sykes, S Archer Nicholls, N Abraham, A Archibald
– Geophysical research letters