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A new method to assess the acute toxicity toward honeybees of the abrasion particles generated from seeds coated with insecticides
A Lentola, C Giorio, E Petrucco Toffolo, V Girolami, A Tapparo
– Environmental Sciences Europe
Volcanic ash ice-nucleating activity can be enhanced or depressed by ash-gas interaction in the eruption plume
EC Maters, C Cimarelli, AS Casas, DB Dingwell, BJ Murray
– Earth and Planetary Science Letters
Emergence of New Economics Energy Transition Models: A Review
S Hafner, A Anger-Kraavi, I Monasterolo, A Jones
– Ecological Economics
Indoor air pollution, physical and comfort parameters related to schoolchildren's health: Data from the European SINPHONIE study.
RM Baloch, CN Maesano, J Christoffersen, S Banerjee, M Gabriel, É Csobod, E de Oliveira Fernandes, I Annesi-Maesano, SINPHONIE Study group
– The Science of the total environment
The Evaluation of the North Atlantic Climate System in UKESM1 Historical Simulations for CMIP6
J Robson, Y Aksenov, TJ Bracegirdle, O Dimdore‐Miles, PT Griffiths, DP Grosvenor, DLR Hodson, J Keeble, C MacIntosh, A Megann, S Osprey, AC Povey, D Schröder, M Yang, AT Archibald, KS Carslaw, L Gray, C Jones, B Kerridge, D Knappett, T Kuhlbrodt, M Russo, A Sellar, R Siddans, B Sinha, R Sutton, J Walton, LJ Wilcox
– Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems
A p53-Dependent Checkpoint Induced upon DNA Damage Alters Cell Fate during hiPSC Differentiation.
CB Eldridge, FJ Allen, A Crisp, RA Grandy, L Vallier, JE Sale
– Stem Cell Reports
Projecting ozone hole recovery using an ensemble of chemistry–climate models weighted by model performance and independence
M Amos, PJ Young, J Scott Hosking, JF Lamarque, N Luke Abraham, H Akiyoshi, AT Archibald, S Bekki, M Deushi, P Jöckel, D Kinnison, O Kirner, M Kunze, M Marchand, DA Plummer, D Saint-Martin, K Sudo, S Tilmes, Y Yamashita
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Continuous Isoprene Measurements in a UK Temperate Forest for a Whole Growing Season: Effects of Drought Stress During the 2018 Heatwave
V Ferracci, CG Bolas, RA Freshwater, Z Staniaszek, T King, K Jaars, F Otu-Larbi, J Beale, Y Malhi, TW Waine, RL Jones, K Ashworth, NRP Harris
– Geophysical Research Letters
Methane Emissions in a Chemistry‐Climate Model: feedbacks and climate response
I Heimann, PT Griffiths, NJ Warwick, NL Abraham, AT Archibald, JA Pyle
– Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems
Long-term, continuous air quality monitoring in a cross-sectional study of three UK non-domestic buildings
S Stamp, E Burman, C Shrubsole, L Chatzidiakou, D Mumovic, M Davies
– Building and Environment
Nanoporous Silica Preconcentrator for Vapor-Phase DMNB, a Detection Taggant for Explosives.
C Day, N Rowe, T Hutter
– ACS Omega
Ozone Trends from Two Decades of Ground Level Observation in Malaysia
F Ahamad, PT Griffiths, MT Latif, L Juneng, CJ Xiang
– Atmosphere
PSCs initiated by mountain waves in a global chemistry-climate model: A missing piece in fully modelling polar stratospheric ozone depletion
A Orr, JS Hosking, A Delon, L Hoffmann, R Spang, T Moffat-Griffin, J Keeble, NL Abraham, P Braesicke
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Measurement of the fluorescence lifetime of GFP in high refractive index levitated droplets using FLIM
NM Davidson, PJ Gallimore, B Bateman, AD Ward, SW Botchway, M Kalberer, MK Kuimova, FD Pope
– Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
Modelling the potential impacts of the recent, unexpected increase in CFC-11 emissions on total column ozone recovery
J Keeble, N Luke Abraham, AT Archibald, MP Chipperfield, S Dhomse, PT Griffiths, JA Pyle
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Stratospheric ozone changes from explosive tropical volcanoes: Modelling and ice core constraints
A Ming, VHL Winton, J Keeble, NL Abraham, MC Dalvi, P Griffiths, N Caillon, AE Jones, R Mulvaney, J Savarino, MM Frey, X Yang
– Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres
ARTN e2019JD032290
Uncertainties in macroeconomic assessments of low-carbon transition pathways - The case of the European iron and steel industry
G Bachner, J Mayer, KW Steininger, A Anger-Kraavi, A Smith, TS Barker
– Ecological Economics
Iceland is an episodic source of atmospheric ice-nucleating particles relevant for mixed-phase clouds
A Sanchez-Marroquin, O Arnalds, KJ Baustian-Dorsi, J Browse, P Dagsson-Waldhauserova, AD Harrison, EC Maters, KJ Pringle, J Vergara-Temprado, IT Burke, JB McQuaid, KS Carslaw, BJ Murray
– Science Advances
The influence of zonally asymmetric stratospheric ozone changes on the arctic polar vortex shift
J Zhang, W Tian, F Xie, JA Pyle, J Keeble, T Wang
– Journal of Climate
Analysis of the variability of airborne particulate matter with prevailing meteorological conditions across a semi-urban environment using a network of low-cost air quality sensors
OR Omokungbe, OG Fawole, OK Owoade, OAM Popoola, RL Jones, FS Olise, MA Ayoola, PO Abiodun, AB Toyeje, AP Olufemi, LA Sunmonu, OE Abiye
– Heliyon