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Formation of metal-organic ligand complexes affects solubility of metals in airborne particles at an urban site in the Po valley.
A Tapparo, V Di Marco, D Badocco, S D'Aronco, L Soldà, P Pastore, BM Mahon, M Kalberer, C Giorio
– Chemosphere
Structural Alerts and Random Forest Models in a Consensus Approach for Receptor Binding Molecular Initiating Events.
AJ Wedlake, M Folia, S Piechota, TEH Allen, JM Goodman, S Gutsell, PJ Russell
– Chem Res Toxicol
Modelling the effect of the 2018 summer heatwave and drought on isoprene emissions in a UK woodland
F Otu-Larbi, CG Bolas, V Ferracci, Z Staniaszek, RL Jones, Y Malhi, NRP Harris, O Wild, K Ashworth
– Global Change Biology
Intercomparison of nitrous acid (HONO) measurement techniques in a megacity (Beijing)
LR Crilley, LJ Kramer, B Ouyang, J Duan, W Zhang, S Tong, M Ge, K Tang, M Qin, P Xie, MD Shaw, AC Lewis, A Mehra, TJ Bannan, SD Worrall, M Priestley, A Bacak, H Coe, J Allan, CJ Percival, OAM Popoola, RL Jones, WJ Bloss
– Atmospheric Measurement Techniques
Delay in recovery of the Antarctic ozone hole from unexpected CFC-11 emissions
SS Dhomse, W Feng, SA Montzka, R Hossaini, J Keeble, JA Pyle, JS Daniel, MP Chipperfield
– Nature Communications
Gaining insight into toxicity predicting machine learning algorithms
TEH Allen, E Gelzinyte, AJ Wedlake, JM Goodman, S Gutsell, PJ Russell
Visualizing reaction and diffusion in xanthan gum aerosol particles exposed to ozone.
PA Alpert, P Corral Arroyo, J Dou, UK Krieger, SS Steimer, J-D Förster, F Ditas, C Pöhlker, S Rossignol, M Passananti, S Perrier, C George, M Shiraiwa, T Berkemeier, B Watts, M Ammann
– Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
A 1D RCE Study of Factors Affecting the Tropical Tropopause Layer and Surface Climate
S Dacie, L Kluft, H Schmidt, B Stevens, SA Buehler, PJ Nowack, S Dietmüller, NL Abraham, T Birner
– Journal of Climate
Modelling the potential impacts of the recent, unexpected increase in CFC-11 emissions on total column ozone recovery
J Keeble, NL Abraham, AT Archibald, MP Chipperfield, S Dhomse, PT Griffiths, JA Pyle
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Radical Formation by Fine Particulate Matter Associated with Highly Oxygenated Molecules.
H Tong, Y Zhang, A Filippi, T Wang, C Li, F Liu, D Leppla, I Kourtchev, K Wang, H-M Keskinen, JT Levula, AM Arangio, F Shen, F Ditas, ST Martin, P Artaxo, RHM Godoi, CI Yamamoto, RAF de Souza, R-J Huang, T Berkemeier, Y Wang, H Su, Y Cheng, FD Pope, P Fu, M Yao, C Pöhlker, T Petäjä, M Kulmala, MO Andreae, M Shiraiwa, U Pöschl, T Hoffmann, M Kalberer
– Environmental science & technology
Development of a Physiologically Relevant Online Chemical Assay To Quantify Aerosol Oxidative Potential.
SJ Campbell, B Utinger, DM Lienhard, SE Paulson, J Shen, PT Griffiths, AC Stell, M Kalberer
– Anal Chem
An extractive electrospray ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometer (EESI-TOF) for online measurement of atmospheric aerosol particles
FD Lopez-Hilfiker, V Pospisilova, W Huang, M Kalberer, C Mohr, G Stefenelli, JA Thornton, U Baltensperger, ASH Prevot, JG Slowik
– Atmospheric Measurement Techniques
New estimate of particulate emissions from Indonesian peat fires in 2015
L Kiely, DV Spracklen, C Wiedinmyer, L Conibear, CL Reddington, S Archer-Nicholls, D Lowe, SR Arnold, C Knote, M Firoz Khan, M Talib Latif, M Kuwata, S Hapsari Budisulistiorini, L Syaufina
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Description and evaluation of the UKCA stratosphere-troposphere chemistry scheme (StratTrop vn 1.0) implemented in UKESM1
AT Archibald, FM O'Connor, NL Abraham, S Archer-Nicholls, MP Chipperfield, M Dalvi, GA Folberth, F Dennison, SS Dhomse, PT Griffiths, C Hardacre, AJ Hewitt, R Hill, CE Johnson, J Keeble, MO Köhler, O Morgenstern, JP Mulchay, C Ordóñez, RJ Pope, S Rumbold, MR Russo, N Savage, A Sellar, M Stringer, S Turnock, O Wild, G Zeng
– Geoscientific Model Development Discussions
Modeled and Observed Volcanic Aerosol Control on Stratospheric NOy and Cly
B Zambri, S Solomon, DE Kinnison, MJ Mills, A Schmidt, RR Neely, AE Bourassa, DA Degenstein, CZ Roth
– Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres
Characterising low-cost sensors in highly portable platforms to quantify personal exposure in diverse environments
L Chatzidiakou, A Krause, O Popoola, A Di Antonio, M Kellaway, Y Han, F Squires, T Wang, H Zhang, Q Wang, Y Fan, S Chen, M Hu, J Quint, B Barratt, F Kelly, T Zhu, R Jones
– Atmospheric Measurement Techniques
Organic compounds in a sub‐Antarctic ice core: A potential suite of sea ice markers
ACF King, ER Thomas, JB Pedro, B Markle, M Potocki, SL Jackson, E Wolff, M Kalberer
– Geophysical research letters
Influence of Sea Ice‐Derived Halogens on Atmospheric HOx as Observed in Springtime Coastal Antarctica
N Brough, AE Jones, PT Griffiths
– Geophysical Research Letters
Clear-sky ultraviolet radiation modelling using output from the Chemistry Climate Model Initiative
K Lamy, T Portafaix, B Josse, C Brogniez, S Godin-Beekmann, H Bencherif, L Revell, H Akiyoshi, S Bekki, MI Hegglin, P Jöckel, O Kirner, B Liley, V Marecal, O Morgenstern, A Stenke, G Zeng, N Luke Abraham, AT Archibald, N Butchart, MP Chipperfield, G Di Genova, M Deushi, SS Dhomse, RM Hu, D Kinnison, M Kotkamp, R McKenzie, M Michou, FM O'Connor, LD Oman, G Pitari, DA Plummer, JA Pyle, E Rozanov, D Saint-Martin, K Sudo, TY Tanaka, D Visioni, K Yoshida
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Simulating the climate response to atmospheric oxygen variability in the Phanerozoic: a focus on the Holocene, Cretaceous and Permian
DC Wade, N Luke Abraham, A Farnsworth, PJ Valdes, F Bragg, AT Archibald
– Climate of the Past