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Atmospheric Chemistry Research Group


This page only has information regarding research opportunities in the Chemistry Department of the Centre. Please see the DAMTP website and Geography website for more information about research opportunities in those departments.

Lecturing staff in the Chemistry department have an interest in numerical modelling of atmospheric chemistry (both stratospheric and tropospheric) and measurements of atmospheric consituents and gas kinetics. For some examples of the current research underway in the group, please see the research pages and the pages of individual group members.

Post-doctoral positions

The research areas include modelling using trajectory, three-dimensional dynamical and chemical models, building instruments for taking measurements of atmospheric chemical species, and gas kinetic research.

If you would like to know more details of the research carried out within the group, or would like to enquire about PhD or post-doc positions available then write to the appropriate member of staff given below. Please include your CV if you are applying. For some specific examples of ongoing research please navigate to the research pages.

PhD positions

A number of PhD positions are normally available each year for particular projects. Funding for EU/UK students is usually available from the UK Research Councils, and you may be interested to apply for the Cambridge ESS NERC DTP. A number of foreign higher degree students are also in the group, funded either by their own country or through EEC capital mobility programme.

If you would like to apply for a PhD position, then you should contact the member of staff you would like to work for (i.e. Prof. John Pyle, Prof. Rod Jones, Dr. Alex Archibald, Dr. Markus Kalberer, Prof. Peter Haynes, Prof. Michael McIntyre or Prof. Hans Graf) directly. For more information on the areas which CAS academics work in, please navigate to the research pages.

Application forms

In order to apply for a studentship you will need to fill out an application form from the Board of Graduate Studies. For applications to the chemistry department please visit the main part of the department's page, which gives information on how to apply and further information about the research in the chemistry department.

If you would like to apply for a PhD in the Applied Maths Dept. then please visit the page for more information on how to apply.

More general information about applying for a postgraduate course at Cambridge can be found on

It is most important that applicants indicate on their application the type of research that they would like to do for their PhD and the supervisors in that field that they would like to work with. A list of research fields and supervisors' research interests can be found on this website and you are encouraged to contact the supervisor before making an application for more specific information. Application forms which do not have this information will generally be rejected by the Department.

Funding your degree

For full details of the funding available to UK, EU and Overseas students, please see the department's funding page, and the Cambridge ESS NERC DTP page. Overseas students are generally either self-funded or have a scholarship from another source. Applicants for Overseas Research Studentship (ORS) award should note that these awards only pay the difference between the Home fee and the Overseas fee and are not sufficient on their own. Overseas students should also note there is a minimum language requirements for students whose native language is not English.