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Centre for Atmospheric Science


The Climate Change Policy Group (CCPG) is housed in the Centre for Atmospheric Science (CAS).

We are a small, female-led team that bring together a wide range of disciplines - from economics and sociology to atmospheric chemistry and environmental science - to investigate climate and policy sciences. Through our research, we hope  to add our data to the fight against climate change and ensure that stringent, evidence-based climate policies are produced. 

By taking a multi-disciplinary, whole-systems approach to research, collaborating with a range of partners, we can achieve holistic research and insights into climate science.


Connect with us:

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Read more at: Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Meet the CCPG Team.

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CCPG Projects

Learn about the research projects the CCPG has been involved in - past and present!

Read more at: CCPG Publications

CCPG Publications

Browse through a comprehensive list of the publications produced with members of the CCPG. 

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Publication Highlights

Browse through our publication highlights - high-profile papers with real-world consequences. 

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Research Spotlights

A brief glimpse into some of the research previously published with CAS academics. 

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Media Links

Watch some of the talks, infographics and webinars produced with academics from the CAS. 

Centre Highlights

• January 2024: The CCPG have successfully submitted a proposal for PACESETTERS!

• September 2nd 2023: Dr Annela Anger-Kraavi has co-authored a paper analysing just transition narratives in European coal regions. Read the paper here

• December 13th 2022: The CCPG have co-authored a paper on game-changing innovations towards net-zero, published in Energy Strategy Reviews. Read the open access paper here.

• November 15th 2022: The final conference of PARIS REINFORCE is taking place today in Sorbonne. Read more about the event here

• October 24th 2022: The CCPG have successfully submitted a proposal for the Cambridge-Tsinghua joint research initiative! 

• May 5th 2022: We've submitted to the UNFCCC's Global Stocktake (GST). More information is available on our news page. 

• March 23rd 2022: Multiple CAS academics have published a paper investigating the future role of anthropogenic methane emissions. Read the open access paper here.

• Feb 18th 2022: Dr Parris and Dr Anger-Kraavi have co-authored a paper that develops a tool to support co-designed transformative change. Read the open access paper here.

• Dec 16th 2021: Dr Parris has co-authored a paper that introduces a tool to support plastic pollution policy. Read the open access paper here.

• Nov 22nd 2021: Dr Anger-Kraavi has co-authored a paper with Paris Reinforce. Read the open access version here

Want to know more about our high-profile publications? Check out our Publication Highlights!




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