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Volcanic air pollution and human health: recent advances and future directions
C Stewart, DE Damby, CJ Horwell, T Elias, E Ilyinskaya, I Tomašek, BM Longo, A Schmidt, HK Carlsen, E Mason, PJ Baxter, S Cronin, C Witham
– Bulletin of Volcanology
A multi-model analysis of long-term emissions and warming implications of current mitigation efforts
I Sognnaes, A Gambhir, DJ van de Ven, A Nikas, A Anger-Kraavi, H Bui, L Campagnolo, E Delpiazzo, H Doukas, S Giarola, N Grant, A Hawkes, AC Köberle, A Kolpakov, S Mittal, J Moreno, S Perdana, J Rogelj, M Vielle, GP Peters
– Nature Climate Change
Novel Method for Ozone Isopleth Construction and Diagnosis for the Ozone Control Strategy of Chinese Cities.
H Shen, Z Sun, Y Chen, AG Russell, Y Hu, MT Odman, Y Qian, AT Archibald, S Tao
– Environmental Science and Technology
Spatial Resolved Surface Ozone with Urban and Rural Differentiation during 1990-2019: A Space-Time Bayesian Neural Network Downscaler.
H Sun, YM Shin, M Xia, S Ke, M Wan, L Yuan, Y Guo, AT Archibald
– Environ Sci Technol
Where is the EU headed given its current climate policy? A stakeholder-driven model inter-comparison
A Nikas, A Elia, B Boitier, K Koasidis, H Doukas, G Cassetti, A Anger-Kraavi, H Bui, L Campagnolo, R De Miglio, E Delpiazzo, A Fougeyrollas, A Gambhir, M Gargiulo, S Giarola, N Grant, A Hawkes, A Herbst, AC Köberle, A Kolpakov, P Le Mouël, B McWilliams, S Mittal, J Moreno, F Neuner, S Perdana, GP Peters, P Plötz, J Rogelj, I Sognnæs, D-J Van de Ven, M Vielle, G Zachmann, P Zagamé, A Chiodi
– Science of the Total Environment
Projected changes in seasonal and extreme summertime temperature and precipitation in India in response to COVID-19 recovery emissions scenarios
J D'Souza, F Prasanna, LN Valayannopoulos-Akrivou, P Sherman, E Penn, S Song, AT Archibald, MB McElroy
– Environmental Research Letters
Improving the understanding of the influence of emissions of biogenic volatile organic compounds on climate.
J Weber
Exploring the sensitivity of atmospheric nitrate concentrations to nitric acid uptake rate using the Met Office's Unified Model
AC Jones, A Hill, S Remy, NL Abraham, M Dalvi, C Hardacre, AJ Hewitt, B Johnson, JP Mulcahy, ST Turnock
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Evaluating the Ozone Valley over the Tibetan Plateau in CMIP6 Models
K Zhang, J Duan, S Zhao, J Zhang, J Keeble, H Liu
– Advances in Atmospheric Sciences
The Role of Natural Halogens in Global Tropospheric Ozone Chemistry and Budget Under Different 21st Century Climate Scenarios
A Badia, F Iglesias-Suarez, RP Fernandez, CA Cuevas, DE Kinnison, JF Lamarque, PT Griffiths, DW Tarasick, J Liu, A Saiz-Lopez
– Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres
ARTN e2021JD034859
Multi-stage ensemble-learning-based model fusion for surface ozone simulations: A focus on CMIP6 models
Z Sun, AT Archibald
– Environmental Science and Ecotechnology
Eruptive style controls the formation of silicon hexafluoride salts on volcanic ash: The case of the 2010 eruption of Eyjafjallajo spacing diaeresis kull volcano, Iceland
P Delmelle, EC Maters, JA Calkins, F Gaspard, S Opfergelt, SF Jenkins
– Chemical Geology
Air Flow Experiments on a Train Carriage-Towards Understanding the Risk of Airborne Transmission
H Woodward, S Fan, RK Bhagat, M Dadonau, MD Wykes, E Martin, S Hama, A Tiwari, SB Dalziel, RL Jones, P Kumar, PF Linden
– Atmosphere
Predictive and retrospective modelling of airborne infection risk using monitored carbon dioxide
HC Burridge, S Fan, RL Jones, CJ Noakes, PF Linden
– Indoor and Built Environment
Impacts of Hydroperoxymethyl Thioformate on the Global Marine Sulfur Budget
MAH Khan, TJ Bannan, R Holland, DE Shallcross, AT Archibald, E Matthews, A Back, J Allan, H Coe, P Artaxo, CJ Percival
– ACS Earth and Space Chemistry
The Influence of Chemical and Mineral Compositions on the Parameterization of Immersion Freezing by Volcanic Ash Particles
NS Umo, R Ullrich, EC Maters, I Steinke, N Benker, K Höhler, R Wagner, PG Weidler, GA Hoshyaripour, A Kiselev, U Kueppers, K Kandler, DB Dingwell, T Leisner, O Möhler
– Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres
ARTN e2020JD033356
Opinion: The germicidal effect of ambient air (open-air factor) revisited
R Anthony Cox, M Ammann, JN Crowley, PT Griffiths, H Herrmann, EH Hoffmann, ME Jenkin, V Faye McNeill, A Mellouki, CJ Penkett, A Tilgner, TJ Wallington
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
The Independent Volcanic Eruption Source Parameter Archive (IVESPA, version 1.0): A new observational database to support explosive eruptive column model validation and development
TJ Aubry, S Engwell, C Bonadonna, G Carazzo, S Scollo, AR Van Eaton, IA Taylor, D Jessop, J Eychenne, M Gouhier, LG Mastin, KL Wallace, S Biass, M Bursik, RG Grainger, AM Jellinek, A Schmidt
– Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research
Modelling the macroeconomics of a 'closing the green finance gap' scenario for an energy transition
S Hafner, A Jones, A Anger-Kraavi, I Monasterolo
– Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions
Improvements to the representation of BVOC chemistry–climate interactions in UKCA (v11.5) with the CRI-Strat 2 mechanism: incorporation and evaluation
J Weber, S Archer-Nicholls, NL Abraham, YM Shin, TJ Bannan, CJ Percival, A Bacak, P Artaxo, M Jenkin, MAH Khan, DE Shallcross, RH Schwantes, J Williams, AT Archibald
– Geoscientific Model Development

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