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Current Postgraduate Students

Sabbatical Leave

Supervisors must ensure that sabbatical plans do not adversely affect or undermine the academic supervisory experience and progress of their current postgraduate students.

Specifically, in response to Q9 of the ‘Sabbatical Leave Cover’ form (What arrangements do you expect to be put in place to cover your absence?), Supervisors should clearly outline their plans for sabbatical leave, including:

  • Where the period of sabbatical leave will be carried out

  • Whether they have appointed second supervisors for their student(s) and if so, who they are;

  • How frequently they and/or the second supervisor will meet with their students and what medium this will be done by; and

  • Any other support they are putting in place for their students, e.g. close supervision by a named postdoc.

The Postgraduate Education Team will then be provided with this information and maintain oversight of the arrangements during the period of sabbatical leave, in order to provide additional support to the students, should it be required.


The Postgraduate Education Committee have agreed during the GEC meeting in July 2019, that any supervisors within four full years of retirement to routinely appoint a second supervisor who is sufficiently experienced in the research area for their students.