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Research Highlights

Department of Chemistry Research Highlights: 2015

The research groups in our department have selected the posters in these pages as representative of their research in 2015.  

  • The posters were presented in 2015 by principal investigators (PIs), postdoctoral researchers or graduate students at scientific meetings across the world.
  • The posters provide only a flavour of the cutting-edge research conducted in the department.
  • Search the Research Highlights by the name of the Principal Investigator.
  • See research highlights from 2014

  • Topics covered range from drug discovery to the development of novel battery materials.  Apart from illustrating the breadth of research going on in the department, the posters highlight the relevance of chemistry to some of the key problems facing society today: confronting age-related diseases like dementia and diabetes 2, understanding climate change, and searching for sustainable energy sources. Understanding the chemistry is essential in every case. 
  • The posters provide only a snapshot of the work that is going on within and in between the Research Interest Groups. All these groups have their own web pages that set out the research vision and recent publications of their members.
  • The posters will give you an idea of the different areas of investigation that are being pursued by our research groups, as well as the techniques, resources and collaborations that are essential for their success.
  • The University of Cambridge Department of Chemistry is listed as one of the top chemistry departments globally:  these pages demonstrate the world-class quality of our research.