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Professor Oren Scherman

Our research interests include the synthesis of functional nanosystems, controlled polymer architectures and dynamic supramolecular assemblies through molecular recognition processes.


The underlying theme of our research lies at the interface between synthetic organic efforts on small molecules and macroscopic properties at the materials level, developing a macro-organic approach to chemistry. Dynamic supramolecular self-assembly of materials will be an area of great importance in the coming years, allowing for innovations in nanotechnology and at the biological and chemical interfaces.

We are particularly interested in exploring topics such as water-soluble and stimuli-responsive materials, template and imprinting technologies of functional polymers for use in chiral separations and enantioselective catalysis, and controlling material morphologies and architectures both in solution and in the solid state through rational design and a multi-step, hierarchical self-assembly process.

Selected Publications


Rauwald, U.; Scherman, O. A. "Supramolecular block copolymers with cucurbit[8]uril in water," Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. (2008) 47, 3950-3953



Observing Single Molecules Complexing with Cucurbit[7]uril through Nanogap Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
DO Sigle, S Kasera, LO Herrmann, A Palma, B de Nijs, F Benz, S Mahajan, JJ Baumberg, OA Scherman – Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters (2016) 7, 704
Cucurbituril-Based Molecular Recognition.
SJ Barrow, S Kasera, MJ Rowland, J del Barrio, OA Scherman – Chem Rev (2015) 115, 12320
Energy and Electron Transfer Dynamics within a Series of Perylene Diimide/Cyclophane Systems
ST Ryan, RM Young, JJ Henkelis, N Hafezi, NA Vermeulen, A Hennig, EJ Dale, Y Wu, MD Krzyaniak, A Fox, WM Nau, MR Wasielewski, JF Stoddart, OA Scherman – Journal of the American Chemical Society (2015) 137, 15299
Cucurbit[8]uril-Regulated Nanopatterning of Binary Polymer Brushes via Colloidal Templating.
C Hu, Y Lan, KR West, OA Scherman – Adv Mater (2015) 27, 7957
Supracolloidal Architectures Self-Assembled in Microdroplets.
X Xu, F Tian, X Liu, RM Parker, Y Lan, Y Wu, Z Yu, OA Scherman, C Abell – Chemistry (2015) 21, 15516
Formation of Cucurbit[8]uril-Based Supramolecular Hydrogel Beads Using Droplet-Based Microfluidics.
X Xu, EA Appel, X Liu, RM Parker, OA Scherman, C Abell – Biomacromolecules (2015) 16, 2743
Divergence from the classical hydroboration reactivity; boron containing materials through a hydroboration cascade of small cyclic dienes
A Andreou, M Leskes, PG Jambrina, GJ Tustin, CP Grey, E Rosta, OA Scherman – Chem. Sci. (2015) 6, 6262
Supramolecular hydrogel microcapsules via cucurbit[8]uril host-guest interactions with triggered and UV-controlled molecular permeability
Z Yu, J Zhang, RJ Coulston, RM Parker, F Biedermann, X Liu, OA Scherman, C Abell – Chem. Sci. (2015) 6, 4929
Catalytic polymeric nanocomposites via cucurbit[n]uril host-guest interactions
Y Wu, Y Lan, J Liu, OA Scherman – Nanoscale (2015) 7, 13416
Preparation and Supramolecular Recognition of Multivalent Peptide-Polysaccharide Conjugates by Cucurbit[8]uril in Hydrogel Formation.
MJ Rowland, M Atgie, D Hoogland, OA Scherman – Biomacromolecules (2015) 16, 2436
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