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Dr Gonçalo Bernardes

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Our research programme is at the interfaces of Chemistry and Biology. It aims at developing novel aqueous, chemoselective methods and their use for selective protein/ligand labelling in vitro and in vivo to understand and influence human disease. For further info on our research and for oportunities please check our research group website.



Bioorthogonal Strategy for Bioprocessing of Specific-Site-Functionalized Enveloped Influenza-Virus-Like Particles.
SB Carvalho, JM Freire, MG Moleirinho, F Monteiro, D Gaspar, MARB Castanho, MJT Carrondo, PM Alves, GJL Bernardes, C Peixoto
– Bioconjug Chem
Posttranslational mutagenesis: A chemical strategy for exploring protein side-chain diversity
TH Wright, BJ Bower, JM Chalker, GJL Bernardes, R Wiewiora, W-L Ng, R Raj, S Faulkner, MRJ Vallée, A Phanumartwiwath, OD Coleman, M-L Thézénas, M Khan, SRG Galan, L Lercher, MW Schombs, S Gerstberger, ME Palm-Espling, AJ Baldwin, BM Kessler, TDW Claridge, S Mohammed, BG Davis
– Science
Tn Antigen Mimics Based on sp 2 -Iminosugars with Affinity for an anti-MUC1 Antibody
EMS Fernández, CD Navo, N Martínez-Sáez, R Gonçalves-Pereira, VJ Somovilla, A Avenoza, JH Busto, GJL Bernardes, G Jiménez-Osés, F Corzana, JMG Fernández, CO Mellet, JM Peregrina
– Organic Letters
Unveiling (-)-Englerin A as a Modulator of L-Type Calcium Channels.
T Rodrigues, F Sieglitz, VJ Somovilla, PMSD Cal, A Galione, F Corzana, GJL Bernardes
– Angew Chem Int Ed Engl
Unveiling (−)-Englerin A as a Modulator of L-Type Calcium Channels
T Rodrigues, F Sieglitz, VJ Somovilla, PMSD Cal, A Galione, F Corzana, GJL Bernardes
– Angewandte Chemie
Natural product modulators of transient receptor potential (TRP) channels as potential anti-cancer agents.
T Rodrigues, F Sieglitz, GJL Bernardes
– Chemical Society reviews
Site-selective protein-modification chemistry for basic biology and drug development
N Krall, FP da Cruz, O Boutureira, GJL Bernardes
– Nature Chemistry
Urban Endocrine Disruptors Targeting Breast Cancer Proteins
D Montes-Grajales, GJL Bernardes, J Olivero-Verbel
– Chemical research in toxicology
Construction of homogeneous antibody-drug conjugates using site-selective protein chemistry
P Akkapeddi, SA Azizi, AM Freedy, PMSD Cal, PMP Gois, GJL Bernardes
– Chem. Sci.
Iminoboronates are efficient intermediates for selective, rapid and reversible N-terminal cysteine functionalisation
H Faustino, MJSA Silva, LF Veiros, GJL Bernardes, PMP Gois
– Chem. Sci.
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