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Department of Chemistry Internal Pages


  • Open for service from 9:30am to 3:45pm Monday - Friday (except bank holidays)
  • Located on the top floor of the Centre for Molecular Informatics.
  • Offers hot and cold drinks, soup, sandwiches and snacks.
  • Provides microwaves for your own food.
  • Hot and chilled food vending machines, also available outside the café's regular hours.
  • No lab coats, lab books or similar items that might be contaminated with chemicals.
  • Tea/coffee/biscuits/juices/cakes/light lunches for meetings can be organised, for detailscontact Alice Woodhouse (ext. 36313) or email

Drinking water

  • Chilled drinking water is available in the Cybercafé and in most toilets from taps labelled 'D' for "Drinking".  
  • Never drink from the taps in the laboratories or unmarked taps in the toilets.

Cambridge Blue

  • A branch of Cambridge Blue Sandwiches, selling hot and cold drinks, sandwiches and snacks,  is located in the department lobby in front of the BMS Theatre 
  • Contact 01223 461123 for further information.

Local shops and restaurants

  • You can find many local shops, take aways and restaurants within walking distance of the department.