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Centre for Atmospheric Science


Cohort-based long-term ozone exposure-associated mortality risks with adjusted metrics: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
HZ Sun, P Yu, C Lan, MWL Wan, S Hickman, J Murulitharan, H Shen, L Yuan, Y Guo, AT Archibald
– The Innovation
Novel Method for Ozone Isopleth Construction and Diagnosis for the Ozone Control Strategy of Chinese Cities.
H Shen, Z Sun, Y Chen, AG Russell, Y Hu, MT Odman, Y Qian, AT Archibald, S Tao
– Environmental Science and Technology
Spatial Resolved Surface Ozone with Urban and Rural Differentiation during 1990-2019: A Space-Time Bayesian Neural Network Downscaler.
H Sun, YM Shin, M Xia, S Ke, M Wan, L Yuan, Y Guo, AT Archibald
– Environ Sci Technol
Multi-stage ensemble-learning-based model fusion for surface ozone simulations: A focus on CMIP6 models
Z Sun, AT Archibald
– Environmental Science and Ecotechnology
Organochlorine Pesticide Ban Facilitated Reproductive Recovery of Chinese Striped Hamsters.
Y Chen, C Yan, Z Sun, Y Wang, S Tao, G Shen, T Xu, P Zhou, X Cao, F Wang, S Wang, S Hao, H Yang, H Li, Q Zhang, W Liu, M Zhao, Z Zhang
– Environmental science & technology
Levels and inhalation health risk of neonicotinoid insecticides in fine particulate matter (PM2.5) in urban and rural areas of China.
Y Zhou, J Guo, Z Wang, B Zhang, Z Sun, X Yun, J Zhang
– Environment International
Assessment of endocrine-disrupting effects of emerging polyhalogenated carbazoles (PHCZs): In vitro, in silico, and in vivo evidence
S Yue, T Zhang, Q Shen, Q Song, C Ji, Y Chen, M Mao, Y Kong, D Chen, J Liu, Z Sun, M Zhao
– Environment International
Household air pollution from cooking and heating and its impacts on blood pressure in residents living in rural cave dwellings in Loess Plateau of China.
Y Chen, J Fei, Z Sun, G Shen, W Du, L Zang, L Yang, Y Wang, R Wu, A Chen, M Zhao
– Environmental science and pollution research international
Estrogens in municipal wastewater and receiving waters in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, China: Occurrence and risk assessment of mixtures
K Lei, C-Y Lin, Y Zhu, W Chen, H-Y Pan, Z Sun, A Sweetman, Q Zhang, M-C He
– Journal of hazardous materials
The potential endocrine disruption of pesticide transformation products (TPs): The blind spot of pesticide risk assessment
C Ji, Q Song, Y Chen, Z Zhou, P Wang, J Liu, Z Sun, M Zhao
– Environment international
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Centre Highlights

• Nov 22nd 2021: Dr Anger-Kraavi has co-authored a paper with Paris Reinforce. Read the open access version here

• Nov 3rd 2021: Watch Dr Anger-Kraavi at the COP26 side event: Accelerating Implementation of the Paris Agreement - Ambition and Just Transitions via YouTube.

• Oct 18th 2021: Watch Dr Anger-Kraavi on Cambridge Talks: Can leaders turn Paris ambition into Glasgow action at COP26? via YouTube.

• Oct 11th 2021: Listen to the CCPG's Dr Anger-Kraavi speak about the upcoming COP26 on Tyndall Talks via Spotify.

• April 24th 2021: Listen to Dr Anger-Kraavi speak about the cost of climate reform on the BBC's The Real Story via their website

• May 14th 2020: Watch Dr Chiara Giorio speak about climate, ice cores and atmospheric particles on YouTube

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