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Atmospheric Chemistry Research Group

2012 - till date. Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Centre for Atmospheric Science, Department of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge where with Professor Rod Jones. My main interest involve studying of a problem of huge significance in the form of air quality and its impact on human health. My work mainly focuses on development and deployment portable air quality sensors. In addition, I am responsible for developing detailed analysis technique for data captured as well as validating air quality models using field data.

My recent research involves deploying, managing and processing of data from a network of air quality sensor nodes at London Heathrow Airport as part of the Sensor Network for Air Quality, SNAQ Project. Part of the aims of the project were to provide source attribution within and around the airport, determine emission indices for different aircraft operation modes as well as comparing measurement data to dispersion model outputs for the airport. More recently, I am involved in a European Commission consortium (Citi-sense project) aimed at monitoring air quality in seven megacities across Europe using low-cost sensor technology. My task mainly will be to field validate the different instruments developed by the various partners within project.


Stochastic comparison of machine learning approaches to calibration of mobile air quality monitors
E Esposito, S De Vito, M Salvato, G Fattoruso, V Bright, RL Jones, O Popoola
– Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
Effects of canyon geometry on the distribution of traffic-related air pollution in a large urban area: Implications of a multi-canyon air pollution dispersion model
X Fu, J Liu, GA Ban-Weiss, J Zhang, X Huang, B Ouyang, O Popoola, S Tao
– Atmospheric Environment
Validating novel air pollution sensors to improve exposure estimates for epidemiological analyses and citizen science.
M Jerrett, D Donaire-Gonzalez, O Popoola, R Jones, RC Cohen, E Almanza, A de Nazelle, I Mead, G Carrasco-Turigas, T Cole-Hunter, M Triguero-Mas, E Seto, M Nieuwenhuijsen
– Environmental Research
Using sensor data and inversion techniques to systematically reduce dispersion model error
DJ Carruthers, AL Stidworthy, D Clarke, KJ Dicks, RL Jones, I Leslie, OAM Popoola, A Billingsley, M Seaton
– HARMO 2017 - 18th International Conference on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes, Proceedings
An evaluation tool kit of air quality micro-sensing units
B Fishbain, U Lerner, N Castell, T Cole-Hunter, O Popoola, DM Broday, TM Iñiguez, M Nieuwenhuijsen, M Jovasevic-Stojanovic, D Topalovic, RL Jones, KS Galea, Y Etzion, F Kizel, YN Golumbic, A Baram-Tsabari, T Yacobi, D Drahler, JA Robinson, D Kocman, M Horvat, V Svecova, A Arpaci, A Bartonova
– Science of the Total Environment
Calibrating chemical multisensory devices for real world applications: An in-depth comparison of quantitative machine learning approaches
S De Vito, E Esposito, M Salvato, O Popoola, F Formisano, R Jones, G Di Francia
– Sensors and Actuators B Chemical
Development of a baseline-temperature correction methodology for electrochemical sensors and its implications for long-term stability
OAM Popoola, GB Stewart, MI Mead, RL Jones
– Atmospheric Environment
Dynamic neural network architectures for on field stochastic calibration of indicative low cost air quality sensing systems
E Esposito, S De Vito, M Salvato, V Bright, RL Jones, O Popoola
– Sensors and Actuators B Chemical
Source attribution of air pollution by spatial scale separation using high spatial density networks of low cost air quality sensors
I Heimann, VB Bright, MW McLeod, MI Mead, OAM Popoola, GB Stewart, RL Jones
– Atmospheric Environment
Dynamic multivariate regression for on-field calibration of high speed air quality chemical multi-sensor systems
S De Vito, P Delli Veneri, E Esposito, M Salvato, V Bright, RL Jones, O Popoola
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