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Centre for Atmospheric Science

University Lecturer

Environmental and climatic effects of volcanic gases and aerosols

I am an Interdisciplinary Lecturer in Climate Modelling jointly affiliated with the Departments of Chemistry and Geography. I combine expertise in atmospheric science, climate modelling, and volcanology to advance the current understanding of volcanic impacts and hazards. In particular, I investigate the impact of volcanism on atmospheric chemistry, climate, air quality, human health, ecosystems and aviation using a wide range of atmospheric models and volcanological datasets. I am particularly interested in continuously degassing volcanoes and effusive Icelandic volcanic eruptions and their effects on air quality and climate. I am convinced that these eruptions serve as a perfect natural lab and can help better understand and quantify aerosol-cloud interactions.

Recent research

I have extensively studied the most recent Icelandic eruption at Holuhraun (Bárðarbunga volcano). Starting in August 2014, Holuhraun erupted effusively for 6 months and emitted up to nine times as much sulphur dioxide per day as all European industry combined, which led to a measureable episodic degradation of air quality across Northern Europe in September 2014 (see Schmidt et al., 2015). Combining satellite observations with numerical modelling, we were also able to demonstrate that the eruption had a discernable effect on the brightness of low-level clouds over the North Atlantic (Gettelman et al., 2015; Malavelle et al., 2017).


Effects of forcing differences and initial conditions on inter-model agreement in the VolMIP volc-pinatubo-full experiment
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Assessing the effectiveness of low-cost air quality monitors for identifying volcanic SO2 and PM downwind from Masaya volcano, Nicaragua
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Opportunistic experiments to constrain aerosol effective radiative forcing
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Volcanic air pollution and human health: recent advances and future directions
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The Independent Volcanic Eruption Source Parameter Archive (IVESPA, version 1.0): A new observational database to support explosive eruptive column model validation and development
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– Nature Communications
Global climate disruption and regional climate shelters after the Toba supereruption.
BA Black, J-F Lamarque, DR Marsh, A Schmidt, CG Bardeen
– Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of USA
Unknown Eruption Source Parameters Cause Large Uncertainty in Historical Volcanic Radiative Forcing Reconstructions
LR Marshall, A Schmidt, JS Johnson, GW Mann, LA Lee, R Rigby, KS Carslaw
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ARTN e2020JD033578
Increased respiratory morbidity associated with exposure to a mature volcanic plume from a large Icelandic fissure eruption
HK Carlsen, E Ilyinskaya, PJ Baxter, A Schmidt, T Thorsteinsson, MA Pfeffer, S Barsotti, F Dominici, RG Finnbjornsdottir, T Jóhannsson, T Aspelund, T Gislason, U Valdimarsdóttir, H Briem, T Gudnason
– Nature communications
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