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Principal Investigator

    Prof. Clare P. Grey



Sharon Connor


Senior researcher / Lab manager

        Pieter Magusin


Post-Doctoral researchers


Hrishit Banerjee

Rowena Brugge

Josh Bocarsly

Chloe Coates

Sunita Dey

Matthew Dunstan

Steffen Emge

Annalena Genreith-Schriever

David Hall

Gabriela Horwitz

Erlendur Jónsson

Chris O'Keefe

Dominik Kubicki

Zhengyan Lun

Katharina Märker

Svetlana Menkin

Supreeth Nagendran

Darren Ould

Oliver Pecher


Jana Richter

Zachary Ruff

Farheen Sayed

Jonathan Slaughter

Israel Temprano


Chao Xu


Evan W Zhao




PhD Research students


4th Year and Finishing up PhD Students


Francesca Firth

Rajesh Jethwa

Jointly supervised by Prof. Dominic Wright

Michael Jones

Jointly supervised by Dr Sian Dutton

Dylan Maxwell

Jointly supervised by Prof Andrea Ferrari

Didi Rinkel

Tom Smith

Francesco Panattoni​

Vinay Malhotra​

Jointly supervised by Dr Michaël de Volder

Yuning Zhou

Jointly supervised by Prof. Norman Fleck

Cambridge Graphene Centre student


3rd Year PhD Students


Jennifer P. Allen

Euan Bassey

Victor R. Gonzalez

Jointly supervised by Prof. Dominic Wright


Sundeep Vema

Evelyna T-H. Wang

Bo Wen

Jointly supervised by Dr Michaël de Volder

Haydn Francis

Jointly supervised by Dr Hugo Bronstein

2nd Year PhD Students


Richard Chen

Cassius Clark

Jointly supervised by Prof. Dominic Wright

James Ellison

Dominic Hey

Dongxun Lyu

Alice Merryweather

Jointly supervised by Dr Akshay Rao

Ben Smith

Jointly supervised by Dr Lucy Colwell

Holly Smith

Jointly supervised by Prof. Stuart Clarke


1st Year PhD Students


Mark Carrington

Jointly supervised by Professor Oren Scherman

Teresa Insinna

Vera Kunz

Tarig Mustafa

Jointly supervised by Professor Henning Sirringhaus

MPhil Students

    Jiawei Hao


Part III Students

The new Part III projects will start in October 2021!



Academic visitors


Javier Carretero González

Ramon y Cajal Fellow

Institute of Polymer Science and Technology, CSIC (Spain)

Pedro Groszewicz

Department of Radiation Science and Technology, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands


Elizabeth Castillo-Martínez

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Rachel Kerber

Johnson Matthey Technology Centre

A list of Group Alumni can be seen at this page