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Overview: Our goal in the Forse group is to understand and improve materials that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and tackle the climate change crisis. Limiting global warming to 1.5 ºC requires the rapid development and deployment of a range of greenhouse gas mitigation technologies. In the Forse group we explore the functional behaviour of new materials for CO2 capture and electrochemical energy storage. We specialise in the application of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy techniques that are complemented by synthetic chemistry, electrochemistry and computational chemistry.


Group News:

January 2021: Welcome to Dr Suzi Pugh, who joins us as a post-doctoral researcher from Prof. Sharon Ashbrook's group. Suzi will work on NMR spectroscopy studies of electrochemical separations.

November 2020: We are now hiring for a post-doc on electrochemical synthesis of new materials for CO2 capture – update: position now closed.

October 2020: Alex has been awarded a Future Leaders Fellowship on electrochemical carbon dioxide capture. Read more here.

October 2020: Welcome to Part III students Chloe, Jinho and Helen!

October 2020: Welcome to Jamie Gittins, Emma Latchem, Niamh Hartley and Trevor Binford! Jamie will be exploring the use of metal-organic frameworks as electrodes in energy storage devices, Emma will work on fundamental studies of membranes for redox-flow batteries, and Niamh and Trevor will explore electrochemical methods for energy-efficient carbon dioxide capture. 

September 2020: We are now hiring for a post-doc on NMR studies of electrochemical CO2 capture – update: position now filled

July 2020: Welcome to Astrid Berge and Ada Chen who join us for research internships this summer! Astrid will be exploring new NMR methods for understanding CO2 capture chemistry. Ada will develop programs for rapid and reproducible analysis of supercapacitors. 

March 2020: Congratulations to Jamie Gittins who has been awarded an Oppenheimer Scholarship to carry out his PhD studies with us.