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Welcoming and supportive environment: We celebrate that everyone is unique, and strive to maintain a friendly atmosphere where everyone feels welcome. We recognise the mutual benefits of to taking an interest in each other’s research, development, and wellbeing.

Mentorship: We value the importance of mentorship, teaching and camaraderie within the group. We endeavour to foster an atmosphere of unity, where all group members help each other to achieve our goals.

Equality, diversity and inclusion: Everyone in the lab will be treated equally. Discrimination based on gender, age, race, disabilities, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, accent, national origin etc. will not be tolerated. Open discussion on the challenges facing underrepresented groups, and the steps that can be taken to start to overcome these, are actively encouraged.

Zero-tolerance on harassment, bullying and discrimination: All group members must respect each other. This is essential to maintaining a safe and productive working environment. Group members should look out for each other and be receptive if approached by anyone who has experienced any harassment, bullying or discrimination.

Committed to lab safety: A safe working environment is critical to a functioning laboratory. Hazard assessments must be conducted in advance of any practical work, and lab safety is discussed weekly within the group. All members should be careful and considerate when carrying out practical work.

Work-life balance: As scientists we must look after our wellbeing by developing sustainable working practices and having good work-life balance. We recognise that good mental and physical health is vital, and that time away from work is required for maintaining both. It is also important to practice self-kindness, through managing expectations and breaking tasks down into achievable goals.

Open, clear and respectful communication: Direct communication and honesty is particularly valued within the group. Working in research can be filled with highs and lows and everyone is encouraged to share these moments with each other. Through open discussion, we hope to normalise making mistakes and asking for help when it is needed.

Open communication on mental health: In our group we promote an open and inclusive environment around mental health. Unfortunately, mental health problems can be more prevalent in academia. Group members are strongly encouraged to talk to someone and seek help if they are suffering from mental health issues.

Intellectual rigor and integrity: We strive to perform rigorous, ethical and transparent research which is at the forefront of its field. We aim to be critical of our results and make our research and our data accessible, conscious of others who may benefit from our work in the future.

Sustainability: In our group we aim to understand and improve materials that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and tackle the climate change crisis. Within the lab we are committed to sustainability and reducing waste where possible.