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We are committed to supporting diversity, equity and inclusion. Applications to the group are particularly encouraged from BAME students, women, students with diverse gender identities, and other underrepresented groups.


January 2021, we will have new post-doc positions opening in the Spring, for an October start.

Separately, I am also happy to support Fellowship applications and research visitors. Please contact me directly if you would like more information.


We welcome contact from prospective PhD and MPhil applicants, please email Alex at acf50[at] if you are interested.

MPhil and PhD students: the deadline for the preliminary application form is expected to be in November, for starting in October the following year. For more information about the initial application see:

  1. MPhil in Chemistry
  2. PhD in Chemistry

Click here for information about funding and financial support.

I am also a member of the EPSRC CDT in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (NanoDTC). See here for information about applying to the Nano DTC PhD program.


Each summer we will offer at least one paid summer internship for undergraduates to do research in our group. Please contact Alex in May if you are interested.