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Postgraduate Admissions



When I first arrived at the Chemistry department I was afraid that, coming from a different background, I would not fit. Instead, I found a very friendly community where it's possible to learn a lot from each other....

I studied Physics at Cambridge (Murray Edwards College) and in my final year I did a project about nanocrystalline cellulose composites. That's how I met my current supervisor, Dr Silvia Vignolini.  At the moment, I'm studying the structural colouration of beetles' wings. Why are we interested in structural colouration? Because it arises from the interaction of light with nanostructures, not from dyes or pigments. This means that it's lasting, directional, and very bright - in other words, perfect for many technological applications!

In my free time, I enjoy rowing on the river Cam for my college club and cooking for my friends. I also sit on the college committee as treasurer, giving a hand organising events and keeping track of the budget. What I enjoy the most about Cambridge is that it's a small town but there's plenty of things to do.