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Postdoc Mentoring Scheme

PDAC is supporting and promoting the Postdoc Academy University Mentoring Scheme for Postdocs

Chemistry mentoring

The Department of Chemistry launched the Mentoring Scheme for Contract Research Staff (CRS) in March 2014. The scheme has been devised in collaboration with the Department's Post-Doc Affairs Committee (PDAC), and is fully supported by the Head of Department and Athena SWAN working group. The University of Cambridge supports mentoring as a dynamic way of facilitiating personal and professional development. 

Under the Chemistry Department's scheme, a ‘pool‘ of academic and senior staff have volunteered to mentor CRS across a range of work-related topics and issues including:

  • help with research-related issues: project management/time management
  • help with other work-related issues: people management/conflict resolution
  • career development and progression: values, aspirations, training
  • routes to academic and/or industry careers
  • work-life balance (including “women in science” and related issues)
  • provide motivation, confidence and inspiration   

The revised scheme is not intended to replace any successful mentoring relationships in the current system where a PI recommends a suitable mentor. These should continue, and researchers can continue to seek a mentor/mentoring advice through their PI.

Please refer to the documents below for information on this scheme:

Academic and senior staff acting as mentors are:

Dr Nick Bampos

Dr Andreas Bender

Dr Goncalo Bernardes

Dr Stuart Clarke

Dr Lucy Colwell

Professor John  Goodman

Dr Steve Jenkins

Professor Bill Jones

Dr James Keeler

Professor David Klenerman

Professor Steve Ley

Dr Deborah Longbottom

Dr Chris Lowe

Dr David Spring

Dr Sergai Taraskin

Dr Silvia Vignolini

Ms Marita Walsh

Those postdocs who are currently mentors to our graduate students can be found here.

For further details regarding this scheme please contact:

Kathleen Pickett, Welfare, Training and Development Adviser at