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PDAC is looking for researchers to join the committee.

What is PDAC? 
The Chemistry Department’s PostDoc Affairs Committee comprises a group of volunteer postdocs who represent postdocs in the department.
Their remit:

Be a forum to consider and discuss issues that are important to postdocs in the department.

To keep the Head of Department and Senior Management Team informed of postdocs' views and concerns.

When do PDAC meet?

Once every two months (with tea, coffee and biscuits) to discuss a range of postdoc issues including planning events for postdocs within the department.


PDAC need to know about the important issues affecting you. Committee members inevitably change over time and new members are always welcome. 

If you are interested in joining the committee or simply attending our next meeting please do get in touch with myself, email the committee directly on, or contact a member of the committee directly.

What next?

Please help us by getting in touch and telling us what you think.  Also, do come along to PDAC events, including our regular meetings, to meet members of the committee and fellow postdocs.  

The Departmental Postdoc website contains further information: