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Research Fellowships

We are keen to support early career researchers wishing to apply for fellowships (such as Royal Society or Research Council fellowships) that will help establish them as independent researchers.

If you are interested in applying for any fellowship to be held in the Department of Chemistry, please see our guidance notes and follow the instructions for submitting an expression of interest.

For senior fellowships (i.e. fellowships requiring at least three years postdoctoral experience) we run our own selection panels twice a year to decide which applications to submit to the sponsors. We invite prospective applicants - both postdocs already here and those wishing to move to Cambridge - to submit an expression of interest for the panel to consider.

For junior fellowships (usually a first or second postdoctoral position), applications do not need to go to a panel. Instead we ask applicants to contact potential supervisors to discuss their proposal, and for a member of academic staff to agree to act as supervisor, before approving the application for submission to a sponsor.

For further information about fellowships, please contact Dr Howard Jones:


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It is a great opportunity to enjoy the facilities, benefits, teaching opportunities and interdisciplinary contacts that a College can offer.