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Profile updates

Each postdoc at the Department of Chemistry has their own page on the department websiteEverybody listed in the database as a Research Associate, Senior Research Associate or Research Fellow should have a page. It is a great opportunity for postdocs to publicise themselves.  The automatic feed already includes a photo, contact details, and a direct feed of publications on Symplectic (if relevant), but postdocs can add other details, such as a brief description of their research interests and history. These pages will be seen by potential employers, members of industry and possible donors, as well as the general public.

How to edit your department web page:

  • To include links within your text, highlight the term to which you wish to add a link, click on the link symbol in the editing toolbar and type in the URL.
  • To add a Related Link in the right sidebar, scroll down from the ‘About’ section to Related Links and enter title of page and URL.
  • Scroll further down and tick ‘Enable Symplectic’ if you have publications.
  • Scroll to bottom of page and press ‘Save’ (or your changes will be lost).

If you cannot access your page, please contact:

The information in the right sidebar comes straight from the database. If this is incorrect, you can change some details by using the self-service interface (see next paragraph).

To check/update details fed through from the departmental database:

Greyed out data is shown for informational purposes only – it is very important this information is accurate. If you feel it is not correct, please contact Rachael Jefferies at

Important: If you do not wish to appear on the website as a postdoctoral researcher, you need to ensure you have opted out.

To check if you have opted out, go to the database self-service interface

  • ‘Log in’.
  • Click on ‘Hide from website’ (near bottom of page).
  • Change setting to ‘Yes’.
  • Press ‘Update’ to save.