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Are you an enthusiastic and creative individual with a range of skills spanning from synthetic, physical and organic chemistry to soft matter physics, photonics and polymer chemistry? Are you willing to take part in a multidisciplinary project and join a multicultural team? Then consider joining our group.

If would like to pursue a PhD in our group, please check the requirements here before contacting Prof Vignolini.

If you are interested in joining our research group as a Post-Doc and you are interested in: 

  • Soft-nanophotonics colloidal assembly for complex photonic structures
  • Light propagation in complex photonic materials
  • Optics of living systems 
  • Nano cellulose

We strongly recommend you to look into independent research fellowships.

Fellowships accepting applicants from all countries:

 Fellowships accepting applicants from European Countries only:

 Fellowships accepting applicants from China & Hong Kong only:

 Fellowships accepting applicants from North America only:

College Junior Research Fellowships

JRF’s are fixed term awards of college membership, given to early stage academics, often before final submission of their PhD or shortly afterwards. They are awarded on the basis of research excellence, are prestigious and highly competitive. Click here for more information on the application process.


Postgraduate Funding

Cambridge Funding:

Other Funding:

  Undergraduate Summer Research Bursaries