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Bio-inspired Photonics

Photonic Structures in Nature and Bio-mimetic Materials

Nature’s most vivid colours rely on ordered, quasi-ordered, and disordered structures with lattice constants or scattering elements whose sizes are on the order of the wavelength of visible radiation.

Knowledge of the interplay between the morphology, composition, and optical appearance of biological photonic systems can provide inspiration for novel artificial photonic materials. 

Genetic Manipulation of Living Bacterial Colour

6 March 2018

We demonstrate the genetic modification of structural color in a living system by using iridescent Flavobacteria colonies as a model system. These findings can move forward evolutionary studies and the understanding biological formation at the nanoscale.

Sustainable White Materials from Bio-Inspiration

3 March 2018

Nature provides an important example of brightness optimization in a low refractive index medium. Inspired by these natural design principles, we developed a fast and scalable method to optimize the brightness of porous polymer films.

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