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Convergent evolution of disordered lipidic structural color in the fruits of Lantana strigocamara (syn. L. camara hybrid cultivar).
M Sinnott-Armstrong, Y Ogawa, GT van de Kerkhof, S Vignolini, S Smith
– New Phytol
Chiral self-assembly of cellulose nanocrystals is driven by crystallite bundles
TG Parton, RM Parker, GTVD Kerkhof, A Narkevicius, JS Haataja, B Frka-Petesic, S Vignolini
– Nature Communications
Cellulose-Based Scattering Enhancers for Light Management Applications.
H Yang, G Jacucci, L Schertel, S Vignolini
– ACS Nano
The Limited Palette for Photonic Block‐Copolymer Materials: A Historical Problem or a Practical Limitation?
Z Wang, C Chan, R Parker, S Vignolini
– Angew Chem Int Ed Engl
The Limited Palette for Photonic Block‐Copolymer Materials: A Historical Problem or a Practical Limitation?
Z Wang, CLC Chan, RM Parker, S Vignolini
– Angewandte Chemie
3D-printed hierarchical pillar array electrodes for high-performance semi-artificial photosynthesis.
X Chen, JM Lawrence, LT Wey, L Schertel, Q Jing, S Vignolini, CJ Howe, S Kar-Narayan, JZ Zhang
– Nature Materials
Current international research into cellulose as a functional nanomaterial for advanced applications
SJ Eichhorn, A Etale, J Wang, LA Berglund, Y Li, Y Cai, C Chen, ED Cranston, MA Johns, Z Fang, G Li, L Hu, M Khandelwal, KY Lee, K Oksman, S Pinitsoontorn, F Quero, A Sebastian, MM Titirici, Z Xu, S Vignolini, B Frka-Petesic
– Journal of Materials Science
Fast Self‐Assembly of Scalable Photonic Cellulose Nanocrystals and Hybrid Films via Electrophoresis
S Atifi, M-N Mirvakili, CA Williams, MM Bay, S Vignolini, WY Hamad
– Advanced Materials
The Sustainable Materials Roadmap
M-M Titirici, S Baird, T Sparks, SM Yang, A Brandt-Talbot, O Hosseinaei, DP Harper, R Parker, S Vignolini, L Berglund, Y Li, H-L Gao, L-B Mao, S Yu, N Díez, G, M Sevilla Solis, P Szilagyi, C Stubbs, J Worch, Y Huang, C Luscombe, K-Y Lee, H Luo, J Platts, D Tiwari, D Kovalevskiy, D Fermin, H Au, H Alptekin, M Crespo Ribadeneyra, V Ting, T-P Fellinger, J Barrio-hermida, O Westhead, C Roy, I Stephens, SA Nicolae, S Sarma, R Oates, CG Wang, Z Li, XJ Loh, RJ Myers, N Heeren, A Grégoire, C Périssé, X Zhao, Y Vodovotz, B Earley, G Finnveden, A Björklund, G Harper, A Walton, PA Anderson
– Journal of Physics: Materials
Highly-Scattering Cellulose-Based Films for Radiative Cooling.
J Jaramillo-Fernandez, H Yang, L Schertel, GL Whitworth, PD Garcia, S Vignolini, CM Sotomayor-Torres
– Adv Sci (Weinh)
3D Printing of Liquid Crystalline Hydroxypropyl Cellulose—toward Tunable and Sustainable Volumetric Photonic Structures
CLC Chan, IM Lei, GT van de Kerkhof, RM Parker, KD Richards, RC Evans, YYS Huang, S Vignolini
– Advanced Functional Materials
Recent Progress in Production Methods for Cellulose Nanocrystals: Leading to More Sustainable Processes
Y Tang, H Yang, S Vignolini
– Advanced Sustainable Systems
Cell wall composition determines handedness reversal in helicoidal cellulose architectures of Pollia condensata fruits.
Y Chang, R Middleton, Y Ogawa, T Gregory, LM Steiner, A Kovalev, RHN Karanja, PJ Rudall, BJ Glover, SN Gorb, S Vignolini
– Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of USA
Modeling the cholesteric pitch of apolar cellulose nanocrystal suspensions using a chiral hard-bundle model.
M Chiappini, S Dussi, B Frka-Petesic, S Vignolini, M Dijkstra
– J Chem Phys
Effect of thermal treatments on chiral nematic cellulose nanocrystal films.
G Guidetti, B Frka-Petesic, AG Dumanli, WY Hamad, S Vignolini
– Carbohydrate polymers
Microcavity-like exciton-polaritons can be the primary photoexcitation in bare organic semiconductors
R Pandya, RYS Chen, Q Gu, J Sung, C Schnedermann, OS Ojambati, R Chikkaraddy, J Gorman, G Jacucci, OD Onelli, T Willhammar, DN Johnstone, SM Collins, PA Midgley, F Auras, T Baikie, R Jayaprakash, F Mathevet, R Soucek, M Du, AM Alvertis, A Ashoka, S Vignolini, DG Lidzey, JJ Baumberg, RH Friend, T Barisien, L Legrand, AW Chin, J Yuen-Zhou, SK Saikin, P Kukura, AJ Musser, A Rao
– Nature communications
Large-scale fabrication of structurally coloured cellulose nanocrystal films and effect pigments
BE Droguet, H-L Liang, B Frka-Petesic, RM Parker, MFL De Volder, JJ Baumberg, S Vignolini
– Nature Materials
Recent Advances in Block Copolymer Self‐Assembly for the Fabrication of Photonic Films and Pigments
Z Wang, CLC Chan, TH Zhao, RM Parker, S Vignolini
– Advanced Optical Materials
Mechanochromic, Structurally Colored, and Edible Hydrogels Prepared from Hydroxypropyl Cellulose and Gelatin
CH Barty-King, CLC Chan, RM Parker, MM Bay, R Vadrucci, M De Volder, S Vignolini
– Adv Mater
Synthetic algal-bacteria consortia for space-efficient microalgal growth in a simple hydrogel system
N Martin, T Bernat, J Dinasquet, A Stofko, A Damon, DD Deheyn, F Azam, JE Smith, MP Davey, AG Smith, S Vignolini, D Wangpraseurt
– Journal of Applied Phycology